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QuickSwitch is a simple drag and drop application that converts editable text documents into read-only documents, and vice-versa. Simply drag your text file onto QuickSwitch's icon and QuickSwitch will work its magic in seconds.

There is no user interface. There is nothing to configure, and nothing to figure out-minimalism at its greatest.

More details:
QuickSwitch recognizes file types "TEXT" and "ttro"-these are standard SimpleText formats. The former is the generic, editable file type, and the latter is known as "read only."

After going to great lengths creating a "perfect" read-me file, I want to preserve it and "lock" it so that its content cannot be (accidentally) changed. And the more read-me's I create, the more I hate having to manually change the file type with some bloated program.

QuickSwitch solves this problem, for me at least.

Changes in Version 2.0:
* Made the application smaller for PPC and even faster on both PPC and 68k Macs.

Changes in Version 1.5:
* Recompiled with the *much* faster REALbasic 2.0. QuickSwitch now runs over twice as fast on my G3's.
* Added a quick launch menu item (beneath the Apple Menu) to go to the QuickSwitch web site.

Questions, comments, bugs, or otherwise are appreciated. I can be reached via email at:
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The latest versions of QuickSwitch can be found at:
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QuickSwitch is copyright © 1998-99 Maury McCown. All rights reserved. This application can only be distributed in its entire, archived form. I take no responsibility for any possible damage caused by, or in relation to, QuickSwitch.

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