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SimpleRename 1.5
by Ryan Dary


This little utility will make renaming folders of files a breeze! You may change a wealth of properties during the change including file Type/Creator combinations. Selectable numbering allows you to place the progressive number anywhere in the file name you want! Great for prepping files for the web. You'll wonder how you ever got along without it!

NOTE: The current release is PPC & 68k (fat) which means that it currently runs on both systems. When system MacOS X is released, this software will be released as PPC only. However a non-ppc version will be available from the website.


Rename a whole folder of files with just a few clicks of the mouse!
Force the change of a particular file type/creator or "adopt" the type/creator if you don't
know it!
Add a suffix for web files such as jpg, gif, pcx, htm, or any you choose!
Start the numbering from any spot; great for finishing a job later, or adding files to a list!
Visible progress shows you exactly how much longer the process will take, visually!
Place the progressive number anywhere in the name you wish!
Online Help with Balloon Help! (Show Balloons must be enabled)
Manual Included is in ClarisWorks 4.0 format. A free demo version of AppleWorks 5 from will be sufficient to view this document if you don't have ClarisWorks.


This version contains no "Undo" method of any kind. I state this because if you use this program improperly, you have the ability to change all files contained in a folder. An example of improper usage would be: selecting the applications folder and renaming all applications in that folder, while changing their type/creator codes and so on. This would render those applications useless. Also, be sure that you wish to alter an entire folders contents, as there is no way (yet) to remove or select certain files to rename. Use with some caution.

Error Reporting and Feature Requests:

Please report all bugs to me by "text" document. If you email me, please include the file as an attachment. Keep one bug report per document; this keeps it easy for me to correct problems one-by-one. Feature requests should be done the same way.

Email them to:
Subject: "SimpleRename Error Report" or "SimpleRename Feature Request"
Snail-Mail them to:
SimpleRename Bug Report/Feature Request
P.O. Box 25124
Federal Way, WA 98093

Donations & Shareware fees:

This version is presented without cost to the user. I do, however, ask that you send a $5+ donation to me to help me pay for the costs of upcoming version releases. The versions will be released upon completion, however no dates are set as of the release of this version. You are under no obligation to send any money, and the current version is full-featured and without any annoying dialog reminders, so enjoy and just do what you feel best!

Snail-Mail donations to:
SimpleRename Donation
P.O. Box 25124
Federal Way, WA 98093

Contact Information:

I love to hear from users of my software so please drop me a line. If you have feature requests or bug reports, please submit those to me according to the guidelines outlined in the "Error Reporting and Feature Requests" section of this README. I also love to hear all the uses people find for this program, so please email me telling me how you use SimpleRename!

Subject: "SimpleRename Comment"
SimpleRename Comment
P.O. Box 25124
Federal Way, WA 98093

Redistribution & Duplication:

This application and it's included documentation and files are all part of the "release" of SimpleRename 1.5 and are not to be redistributed in any other configuration. Permission must be granted by the author of this software, Ryan Dary (, before any distribution of this release is permitted. If you wish to put this release on the web, on a CD, or any other form of distribution, contact the author for permission at: SimpleRename Distribution Dept., P.O. Box 25124, Federal Way WA 98093 or


This software is presented "as is" and has no guarantee or warrantee against damage to your computer, files, or any other. I do feel that this software is not capable of "damaging" your computer in any way. Use it at your own desecration.