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Typer(TM) 1.1 Read Me

Antimony Software
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Maben, MS 39750

Typer(TM) 1.1 - Released December 30, 1999

Typer(TM) is a free utility that can change file types, creator codes, and file name extensions from anything to anything based on sets of predefined criteria. Set your criteria once, and Typer(TM) does the "right thing" no matter what kinds of files or how many of them you drag & drop, saving you a lot of time and hassle. No other utility can do this. Changing file types and extensions individually or in unsorted bulk should be a simple task, but it hasn't been until now.

Some examples of what you can easily do with Typer(TM) are:

* Change all the files for a downloaded code project to open with your preferred tools in one drag & drop.

* Change all the source and graphics files for a Web site to open in your preferred editors in one drag & drop.

* Add ."gif" extensions to all the GIF files on your hard drive and change any ".GIF" extensions to ".gif" extensions at the same time.

* Set the type and creator codes correctly for batches of miscellaneous files downloaded from the internet based on their name extensions. All generic ".sit", ".hqx", ".pdf", ".html", ".htm", or any other common extensions you choose can be used as criteria to assign proper file type and creator codes automatically.

To use Typer(TM) 1.1 you need:

1: A PowerPC-based Macintosh
2: System 7.5.5 (System 8.0 or better recommended)
3: Appearance Manager (Navigation Manager also recommended)
4: 1 MB of available application memory

Before you get started with Typer(TM) 1.1:

You need to define your personal list of conversion criteria before using Typer(TM). There are several example criteria defined, but they are likely incomplete for your personal needs or different from your own personal preferences.

Unless matching automatic conversion criteria are defined, by default Typer(TM) will prompt you for each file that doesn't match any defined criteria asking what to do, much like other file type/creator changer utilities. This behavior is configurable in the Typer(TM) preferences. It can be disabled if desired after you have defined your own automatic conversion criteria.

To define your own criteria, select Edit -> Conversion Criteria... and the Automatic Conversion dialog will appear. This dialog contains a list of defined criteria on the left. On the right it has two groups of controls titled Change From and Change To.

Each group contains a control for file creator, file type, and file extension. Typer(TM) will look for matches to Change From fields and, when found, change those files to the criteria you've defined in the Change To fields.

Keep these two things in mind when defining automatic conversion criteria:

First, Typer(TM) makes changes in sequence from the beginning of the criteria list down, so more restrictive criteria need to come before less restrictive ones.

Second, the period '.' is considered part of the file's extension by Typer(TM), and extension matching is not case sensitive because the Macintosh file system is not case sensitive. That means '.gif' and '.GIF' would be identical extensions for the purpose of matching criteria.

Refer to the included manual and FAQ for additional information on using Typer(TM).

Getting help with Typer(TM) 1.1:

Because Typer(TM) is freeware we cannot provide technical support for its use. Questions on the use of Typer(TM) will be answered with updates to the Typer(TM) FAQ. Problem reports should still be made, however. If you encounter any difficulty using Typer(TM), please let us know. Typer(TM) is maintained.

You should refer to the manual and FAQ included with this distribution and then to the Web based version of the FAQ maintained at before asking a question directly by email.

Typer(TM) 1.1 is copyright 1998-99 Antimony Software. All rights reserved. Typer(TM) is a Trademark of Antimony Software, which may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

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