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WhoAmI? ver 1.3

"Yay! No more damned System Enablers!" "Um, but they held identification strings and icons for the new machines." "Oh, don't worry: Apple will make sure that all those resources don't get left out of System 7.5." "Gee, that's good. I wouldn't want to see some sort of generic identification under 'About this Macintosh'..."


Well, this program will place the appropriate resources into a copy of your System 7.5.x file. (For those of you who have a System 7.5 Update (1.0 or 2.0), these resources must also be added to a copy of the Update file.) I know that the name is on the faceplate, but it just feels better to think that the computer knows what it is. (And for those of us who hacked our Centris 650s into Quadras, we can see a reminder of this little feat. 40MHz is (are?) nicer than 25.)

IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(get the idea?)!!!!!!!!!
Before trying this, make sure that you have some other way (CD, Zip, floppy, etc.) to reboot your computer, should something bad happen.

To use "WhoAmI?", open your System Folder, select your System and choose "Duplicate" (Command-D) from the "File" menu. The new file should be named "System copy" and you should be able to rename it after you run WAI?. (These directions are included in the opening screen of WAI?, but they are important enough to repeat.) To insure the least chance of screw-up, run WAI? after restarting with extensions disabled. Once the program reports a success, you should move your current System into a temporary folder and rename "System copy" to "System" (don't forget to wipe out that trailing space...). You may have to close the window that the file appears in and reopen it before you're allowed to rename the file, if the name was locked somehow. The special folder icons (on Extensions, Control Panels, etc) should reappear within a few seconds after you do this. (You may need to close and reopen the System Folder to force the update). If all has gone well, you can restart, again with extensions off, to make sure that the new System will load. (The above instructions also apply to any System Enabler or System Update file you intend to modify.)

If the modification seems stable, you can see if it will work with all of your extensions. There have been no confirmed incompatibilities so far. Please keep your original System for a few days, just to be absolutely safe.

This is being released "as is." I have been pretty good about fixing all reported bugs and have even cleaned up the logic a bit. That's because I've received some positive response from the Mac community (lots of e-mail, but only two postcards... (and of course no money)).

This was written as a run-once-and-forget-it application rather than an extension because extensions are black magic and always seem to break when you add just one more to your extensions folder. It works on all versions of 7.5 , its enablers, and update files, up to and including 7.5.5.

If your machine isn't represented here, or is not quite right, drop me a line and I'll try to set it right.

Feel free to distribute this package to all the usual places as long as you do not modify the program or documentation. Oh, yes, this does NOT apply to any service that makes money beyond the costs of distribution of the media on which the program resides, without my written permission. (This means YOU, Educorp, unless you are willing to fork over some of those bucks.) Kudos to ZiffNet for making their stuff available to one and all on their web site. If any publisher wishes to include this program on a CD-ROM collection they may do so if I get a copy of the CD.

Any bug reports, praise, or bales of cash should be sent to:

Jonathan Jacobs
2374 Euclid Hts. Blvd. #407
Cleveland Hts., OH 44106-2745
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Wickenden Building
Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH 44106

!!! Please send postcards: I'm trying to impress my officemates !!!

***Version History.***

* I have finally fixed a small problem when dealing with locked filenames for the duplicated file. "WhoAmI?" is now a bit more intelligent when it looks at the file selected for patching. Specifically, it looks to make sure that there is a space in the name of the file, since duplicating the file should add "<space>copy" (or whatever word your language uses) to the end of the filename. If it finds that space, then it believes that the file is a duplicate and is safe to work on. If the name was locked, it will be unlocked so that you can rename it appropriately after the patch runs.
* Dispose of handles that I had forgotten about when the program terminates unsuccessfully.
* Updated the patching routine to recognize System 7.5.5.
* Happy 30th birthday, Peggy. (It's not so bad.)

*This version of "WhoAmI?" should work with System Update 2.0. As for System 7.5.3 installations (new installs, not upgrades), I am making the assumption that Apple meant it when they said "universal," i.e. no enabler. If I am wrong, I will fix it, but as of today (3/24), I haven't seen a true 7.5.3 install, so I'm working in the dark.
*Cleaned up a cosmetic goof in the Alert boxes (thanks, Eden) that caused the outline to not be drawn around the button, but the text.

*"WhoAmI?" is a fat binary again! I learned the hard way (while working on Kill FinderZooms) that you are probably better off removing outdated 'SIZE' resources, rather than assuming they'll be modified properly. This had been making the PPC version choke and die on launch.
*Minor rewrites to some of the dialog routines.

*"WhoAmI?" has been updated to work with System 7.5.2 and (hopefully) the various enablers that seem to have unexpectedly reappeared.
*Updated the list of machines using the GestaltSelectorList, maintained by Rene G. A. Ros.
*Corrected some icons, cleaned some code.

*In anticipation of the many new machines to come, the program now displays the machine ID number in the progress window. If you are using this program and find that there is no appropriate ID string (or icon) for your macine, you can send me this information: model name (as it appears on the front of your machine); ID number; and if you like, feel free to send an icon that you think should go with your machine (and any really neat icons you feel like including). I hope in the future to allow for easy customization of the string and icon resources by you, the user.

*"WhoAmI?" is now capable of dealing with System 7.5.1 by adding the necessary resources to the System 7.5 Update file. Also added IDs for the new, faster (Apple speed-bumped) PowerMacs and the WGS 9150.
*This release is 68K only, due to some anomalous behavior seen when compiling the PPC version. I will try to make a fat binary later.

*Somehow the LC III had been removed from the identifier strings. It's back, now.
*Also you can reapply the patch as many times as you wish without gumming things up. This is useful if you move your system file to a new machine.
*Oh, yeah: for what it's worth, "WhoAmI?" is now a fat binary. Just because I could...

*Added the older machines, too. (The Quadra 630 and the PowerBooks actually were in version 0.9; I just didn't update this file correctly.)

*First release. I think I got everything except a few of the older machines. Let's see what happens.

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