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TechTool 1.1.8 Information

* About This Version
* Competitive Upgrade from Norton on TechTool Pro
* Special Offer on SoundMaker
* File Posting Information

About This Version
TechTool is the acclaimed utility that solves those incurable problems which elude other utilities. With TechTool you can:

* Analyze your U.S. and International system file for damage.
* View devices on your LAN.
* Save file comments before clearing desktop database.
* Zap the entire PRAM chip.
* Delete the desktop file, the better alternative to rebuilding.
* Clean your floppy drive (use with drive cleaning disk).
* See the date your computer was manufactured and how many hours of use it has had.
* View, print and save a multitude of information about your Mac.
* Ability to save desktop database(s).
* Employs TechTool Pro mandate restore routine.

New to version 1.1.8:
* Updated DNA to test US systems up to 8.5.1
* Updated DNA to test International systems up to 8.5
* Added Network list button.
* Changed TechTool Pro information.

TechTool requires System 7.0 or above
Cost: None. Free gift from MicroMat Computer Systems.

Competitive Upgrade from Norton on TechTool Pro
MicroMat Incorporated, makers of the TechTool® Pro troubleshooting utility, today announced a competitive upgrade offer. Owners of Norton(TM) Utilities for Macintosh (NUM) may now upgrade to TechTool Pro for only $59.95 which reflects an almost $100 discount from the program's retail price of $150.

TechTool Pro, which offers features like those found in NUM (drive repair, recovery and optimization), takes Macintosh troubleshooting to the next level by offering tests for the entire computer system. The program tests RAM, modems, internet connections, system files, major components, mechanisms and many more aspects of the user's computer system. TechTool Pro recently received an Editor's Choice award from MacToday magazine for Best Maintenance and Repair Utility. In a recent comparison review conducted by MacHome Journal magazine, TechTool Pro was recommended above Norton for it's reliability and breadth of features.

The competitive upgrade is a limited time offer which will only be available between February 1, 1999 to April 30, 1999. No proof of purchase of NUM is necessary. This offer is only available directly from MicroMat and a few select distributors. Not all distributors will be participating in this promotional offer. Price is subject to change without notice. Shipping & handling not included. California residents must pay sales tax.

Company Contact Info:
FAX: 707-837-0209

Special Offer on SoundMaker
You won't believe your ears after you've tried SoundMaker, the professional sound editing package from MicroMat. Whether you're a developer wanting to add custom sounds to a program, a multimedia artist creating audio for a project or just someone wishing to have fun with sound; SoundMaker is the program for you! SoundMaker gives you all of the tools you need to create and modify digital sound. You can even take sounds from audio CDs, sample them straight into your Macintosh and then modify them. For more info, check out

Price: The normal price is $99.95. This reflects a savings of over 30% off the retail price of $150.00. But don't order yet! We are offering an introductory offer on this revolutionary new software!

You can get SoundMaker for a limited time* for ONLY $29.95!!! This is over 70% off the retail price.

Freight: Shipping and handling within the continental US is $6.50. International shipping is $12.

Payment: Visa, MasterCard and American Express are accepted. Institutional and government purchase orders will be accepted provided a hard copy of the PO is sent to MicroMat via fax or mail. COD orders will also be accepted.

Ordering: Our sales staff is ready to take your order Monday through Friday from 9 am to 5 pm PST. California residents must pay state sales tax.

Media: SoundMaker is only available on 1.4M floppy diskettes. 800K floppy disks are not available for this product.

Company Contact Info:
FAX: 707-837-0209

File Posting Information
This utility may be freely distributed via online services, BBSs and user groups provided it is not altered in ANY way and that this ReadMe file remains in the archive that contains TechTool. Commercial, Shareware, and CD-ROM services must obtain advance permission in writing from MicroMat Computer Systems before distributing this product.

This utility is available for public use free of charge. However, it is NOT public domain. All copyright, ownership, and rights of ownership shall remain with MicroMat Computer Systems.

* Offer Expires 6/1/99
Prices subject to change without notice.

©1999 MicroMat Inc.
TechTool is a registered trademark of MicroMat Computer Systems Inc.
Norton is a trademark of Symantec Inc.

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