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A tool that automatically adds the correct DOS suffix to Macintosh filenames, depending on the files' types. Also eliminates Windows-incompatible characters from the filenames.
Ideal if you transfer Macintosh files to a DOS/Windows PC.
There is a predefined list of file types included, but if you have a more complete file definition list, you are welcome to send it to me so I can include it in future releases.


© 1999-2000 Amar Sagoo

revision history

1.1.0 * 2000-04-22

- Added many file type definitions to the default set.
- Converting is now threaded.
- Added "Cancel" button to status dialog.
- The group boxes now indicate that you can drop folders on them.
- In the File Types dialog, the list has a smaller font.
- The MacType and DOS suffix columns in the File Types dialog don't resize with the window.
- A message appears if no file types have been defined.
- The "Select" buttons now have "..." in the caption.
- Changed status dialog title.

- Names that don't need to be truncated also get their suffix added.
- After sorting the list of file types while one is selected, the correct line in the list is selected.
- Only folders can be dropped on the group boxes.
- Bullets in file names are replaced by "_".
- The start button should now always get enabled or disabled appropriately.

1.0.0 * 1999-10-06

- Initial release.

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