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Title Free V1.3

eMailWare :

Thanks to my family for the time I need to achieve this project and to Bishop for his artistic contribution.

TitleFree is a MacOS(TM) application designed to create and use icons in the Finder without any title (file name). Finder icons free of file names!
With it you can get rid of any icon name: under the trash, any hard disk or cd-roms, or any other icon in the finder.
And it's easy to use!

1- Just drag and drop "TitleFree icon" and "TitleFree CMP" on the System Directory and let it be installed in the extension folder.
2- Restart your computer.

* First:
With this new version, to show or hide any name under any icon you just have to use the provided "Title Free" contextual menu.

* Show icon name: Show the names under the selected icons in the finder (this option will appear disappear on purpose).
* Hide icon name: Hide the names under the selected icons in the finder (this option will appear disappear on purpose).
* Deactivate/Activate Title Free: To temporary activate or deactivate any Title Free effect (any hidden name will then be visible).
* Reset: To reset "Title Free", this can not be undone.

N.B.: Title Free does not change anything in the file (not even it's name!).

* Second:
Title Free will also hide any name ending by an under score "_", such as "Tmp_", or "my folder_". This is a supported trick to quickly create clean alias panels in the finder.

Version 1.3:
* Title Free comes up with a contextual menu to control its actions.
* No more key combination is necessary (though for compatibility reasons, V1.0.1 key sequence still works).
* Title Free can be activated and deactivated in real time, it is not necessary to reboot.
* The icons my friend Bishop has designed are cool enough for me to decide to make them appear at start-up.
* Any icon name (not only aliases) ending up with "_" (under score) will become invisible.
* You can hide any icon name, even the hardest one: the trash!
* You can hide any CD-ROM icon name.

Version 1.1 & 1.2:
* They are internal "under development" versions. They never have been provided to anyone.

Version 1.1 & 1.2:
* First release, Title Free hides any icon name ending up with the "space-option space-space" key sequence.

* Now the finder in itself will allow you to create good looking access panels.
* You will get the cleanest desktop you ever have had.
* You can use icons, explicit enough to remain on your desktop without any bothering title.
* You eventually can get rid of the "trash" text under the "trash icon".
* You can hide the name of some of your CD-ROMs.

* As a free software, the creator won't provide any support for the software.
* Using it means the user implicitly accept the risk.
* The author won't be responsible in any case for any damage, the extension TitleFree may generate.
* Bug-report are welcome via e-mail (

* TitleFree is... free! This is just an eMailWare...!
* As it took hours to design the package would you please take the few necessary seconds to send me an e-mail to inform me you are using it.
* Just add-up "RELEASE TITLEFREE" in the subject if you wand to get information about releases and other products information.

Let's support the Macintosh !

Copyright © D.Launay1998-99, All Right Reserved


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