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Welcome to Quick Rename, Using this program will allow you to

Quickly Rename Your Files in a multitude of ways

With Quick Rename you will be able to:
* Rename many files at once.
* Offer you incrimental File Naming (Increasing or Descreasing)
* Easily Replace a word or character
* Add Different types of information...
- Prefix
- Date
- Time
- Size
* Filter the files you want by...
- Prefix
- Modified Date
- Creator
- Type
* Preview the outcome before running.
* Save information about the files to a SimpleText file.

Minimun Requirements
Macintosh 68k (68040), Power Macintosh or Compatible.
2 MB of Disk Space for Quick Rename
System 7.1.1 or better, Mac OS 7.5 or better
640 x 480 monitor resolution

Perferred Requirements
Power Macintosh or Compatible.
2 MB of Disk Space for Quick Rename
Mac OS 7.5 or better.
640 x 480 monitor resolution

This program is "Anyware," meaning your welcome to send me
what you feel this program is worth. Just E-Mail or Snail Mail me what you
think is best.

Find a Bug? Got a Feature Idea?
E-Mail me any program bugs that you find or features you wish to see,
next release will attempt to take care of it

I offer support via E-Mail and Snail Mail.

Via E-Mail

Via Snail Mail
Stephen Hardie
230 Buckingham Way Apt. #104
San Francisco, C.A.

Special Note: I am not to be held responsible for any damage this application may do.

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