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Sherlock II Window Fix

Important notes:

This updater modifies Sherlock II's appearance to make it look more like a "normal" Mac app. Specifically it brings back a standard Mac window (which allows minimizing) and it gets rid of the metallic look.

The updater creates a new file and does not destroy your original.

Note that unless you hide your original in some way, command-F calls from the Finder will still be handled by the unmodified Sherlock II. If you like the modifications and want to use the new file as default I suggest doing the following:

1. Stuff your original app with dropstuff in order to hide it, without deleting it.
2. Rename "Sherlock 2.winzap", "Sherlock II".

I do not recommend getting rid of your original as you might need it later (if for some reason the update doesn't work, you don't like it, or if future updates from Apple require virgin files).

Good luck. If you have problems, read the FAQ below and if that doesn't help, feel free to email me at:


Q: Where is the new file?

A: It's in the same folder your as your old Sherlock file. Look for it under the prosaic title "Sherlock 2.winzap".

Q: Why can I still see a faint close box in Sherlock II search window?

A: Sherlock II creates it's hated metallic appearance by fooling around with the standard Window definition. It actually just hides the outsides of the window and creates new window parts inside the standard window space. The close box is hard-wired in. I left a faint impression so that you are not surprised that the window closes if you accidentally click in it.

Q: I don't like the new non-metallic Sherlock

A: Just revert back to your original file. (You did save the original didn't you?) If you have thrown the original away, just grab a copy of Sherlock II from the Apple Menu Folder of the OS 9 CD.

Q: Why won't the updater won't update my Sherlock file?

A: Either you have modified your original version of Sherlock II in some way, or you don't have a clean copy of Sherlock II on your drive. Sherlock II is the version of Sherlock that comes with OS 9.

Q: Why did you do this?

A: While I am a huge Mac fanatic, I despise the new "metallic" look Apple seems to be adopting for some of it's control panels. I don't so much hate the way these new windows look, I do hate the way they function (or fail to function). Removing the ability to minimize windows, getting rid of scroll bars, and adding knobs, seems to me to be a giant step backwards. If they are going to disco up the UI, they shouldn't cripple functionality. HI/UI is what makes the Mac, a Mac. Ok. End of rant.

A Plug:

Since I have your attention I recommend visiting my website to grab all sorts of other OS 9 goodies including:

1. A full compliment of colored folders (standard folders in every color you can imagine--unlike label-colored folders mine come in tons of brilliant and subtle variations).

2. A new set of Sherlock II Channels. Including a medical channel, a Spanish channel, a books channel, a movie channel, an alternate news channel, a Mac shopping channel, a powerful government channel, and an alternate search channel.

3. Applescripts to do useful things like have proportional scroll bars with single arrows at each end (this option isn't available in the standard Appearance control panel).

4. A big collection of plain single color backgrounds, and lots of other stuff that will make your life better, and help you discover your machismo (or machisma as the case may be).

All best,


(to get the apple stuff go to the "stuff" section.... tricky no?)

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