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Animation Stand Personal Edition
Cross-platform, easy to use computer-assisted 21/2D character animation, compositing and film quality special effects. Note: This version is limited to small drawing frames (Mac0S 8.5.1 and later). .
Download (registration required)
Better Player--26th Jan 2001
BetterPlayer is a simple freeware movie player without the clunky user interface. This freeware program can play about any file format supported by QuickTime. Read me file (FAT, PPC and 68k, open source). Screenshot of preferences available. Homepage.
Better Player 1.0.2 (277 KB)
An image processor for editing bitmapped pictures (PPC and 68k). Can handle (open) images in different formats. You can save your edited images as BMP, JPG, and PICT etc. This is one software to have if you can't afford Adobe Photoshop.Screenshots of windows available, and of effects available
Download (1.7 MB)
ButtonMaker--5th Feb 2001
ButtonMaker is designed to assist webmasters in making buttons from various Operating Systems and other popular appearances. Read me file. Screenshots of main window, of the types of button options available (e.g. BeOS, Aqua etc), and the final button product. Homepage.
ButtonMaker 2.0 (900 KB)
Christi's Tree
A small application that puts a Christmas tree on your desktop (with colourful flickering lights). Screenshot (took up 3 MB on board RAM to run). Homepage.
Christi's Tree download page (752 KB)
CinematiX:--10th Jan 2001
This program allows you to watch movies at fullscreen. You can also watch movies in its original size. The program has an interactive progressbar to let you forward or rewind the movie with the mouse. Read me (PPC, MacOS 8.6 or later, CarbonLib). Homepage.
CinematiX:2 (216 KB)
clip2gif 0.7.2
Convert PICTs to saved GIF or JPEG files, the latter only when QuickTime is present. Also convert GIFs to PICTs (PPC and 68k). Read me file
Download (317 KB)
Colour Paint
Colour Paint provides the tools for simple, MacPaint-like editing of color or grayscale images (PPC and 68k). Screenshot of all the tools available
CorelDraw LE
Corel has made a limited edition of their CorelDraw product. Available from Jan 5 until March 10 2000 only (time offered extended). Registration required. FTP site is limited to 500 users. You can also order a CD-ROM from them. Homepage.
CorelDraw 8 LE (54 - 74 MB)
A planning program. It allows the user to easily enter, move and modify objects on the screen (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Screenshot. Visit homepage for more information.
Cutout 2.5 (419 KB)
DesignWorkshop Lite
A fast, fun and creative tool for creating spatial models, images, and walkthroughs, from initial sketches to polished presentations. A freeware 3D design tool. Lite version limited to 100 solid objects (great for learning and small projects) (PPC preferred). See the screenshot here.
DesignWorkshop Lite 1.8 (5.7 MB)
A deformation engine that can perform a series of deformations on three dimensional objects. It's has some features normally found in modelers, but it is not a complete modeler. In fact, it cannot create or delete any part of an object; it just allows you to alter the shape of the object. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Home for more information and to download.
D-form (130 KB)
3DMF Linker
QuickDraw 3D Utility which will read in multiple 3DMF files, remove all duplicate data and merge the files' data into a single 3DMF file. Visit the homepage.
3DMF Linker 1.0 (77 KB)
3DMF Optimizer
QuickDraw 3D Utility which reads in a 3DMF, and then lets you save the file after optimizing it for maximum speed and minimum size. Also allows you to perform various useful modifications to 3DMF files. Visit the homepage
3DMF Optimizer 2.5.2 (514 KB)
DVD Player
DVD-Video player freeware. It supports DVD zones 1, 2 and 3, not encrypted. Read me file (PPC only). Visit homepage for more information and latest updates. Look at the list of DVD titles that work and doesn't.
DVD Player 0.91.05b (180 K)
Enables you to convert DXF files to VRML97 by simply dragging them onto the application icon. Read me file (PPC only). Visit the homepage.
DXF to VRML97 (166 KB)
You can import 3DMF files and view it. But without additional plugins ($$), you cannot do anything with this (PPC only). Screenshot. More information here. Registration required. Only one free plugin (TurboCharger) available  (if you take part in a questionaire).
3D-World 3.1 (1 MB)
FCSM Artist
A Macintosh application to analyse flow-cytometry data (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Homepage for latest developments.
FCSM Artist 0.42d02 (FAT) (540 KB)
French Kiss 2.2.2
Graphics software that lets you work with graphics in a whole new way. Instead of viewing a static picture, you can decide what you like and create your own drag-and-drop, roll-your-own graphics. Pretty much like computerized paper dolls (68k and PPC). If you want to learn more, please go to this page. Read me file
Download (609 K)
A powerful Photoshop like software that is surprisingly free! There are lots of tools available, and adequate filters that will allow you to work on images, photos etc. Can open and save in JPG, GIF, PICT, TIFF file formats etc. There is also an option to capture a video frame (didn't try it out). A must have if you don't have Photoshop. Screenshot. Works on System 6.0.8 to MacOSX. Homepage.
FuturePaint 2 (644 KB)
Lets you navigate through space rather than only manipulate the models. Geo3D relies on QuickDraw 3D (QD3D) for rendering, navigation and picking (PPC only, Appearance Manager required). Read me file. For homepage, visit this page. Download page is here.
Geo3D (288 K)
GIFBuilder 0.5
A freeware to build gif animations (PPC and 68k). Read me file
Download (283 K)
gif2png is a small utility program that converts GIF files into PNG files. Read me file (FAT, MacOS8 or later). Homepage.
gif2png 1.0 (176 KB)
Performs some special effects with a 3Dfx card by interposing itself between the Glide library and its clients. Read me file. Homepage.
GlideHack 1.2 (48 KB)
The IBM HotMedia assembly tool takes multiple images and other media types and assembles them into a HotMedia file. The HotMedia assembly tool does not replace content-creation tools. It takes existing media and concatenates them into a HotMedia file. This HotMedia file can then be played on a Web page with the supplied Java players. You can create panoramas, thumbnails, animation (with sound), etc. Very simple to use, and the version 3.5 is a faster, and more stable. Screenshot. Homepage (registration required before downloading).
HotMedia 3.5
Iconizer Pro--10th Jan 2001
Iconizer Pro is an application developed for generating a set of 32 bit (16 millions, full colors) icons from any pictures. This feature is normally used for creating a background of CD, folder or other container windows. The output icons can also be viewed on any Mac OS but Mac OS 8.5 or higher is required to view 32 bit color. Read me (PPC). Screenshot of the background of the folder after 'iconizer'. Homepage (registration required, server is slow).
Iconizer Pro 1.3.3 (1216 KB)
IconToGIF 1.0.3
A freeware utility to convert icons into transparent GIF images suitable for using on WWW pages. Read me file
Download (108 K)
An image processor built with Java language (if you don't have a Java Virtual Machine try downloading Apple's MRJ from here). Screenshot. Homepage for latest updates. Check out ImageJ's features
ImageJ 1.10 (886 KB)
The NIH Image extended to handle loading, display and analysis of scanning microscope images. Screenshot.
ImageSXM (3 MB)
The easy to use digital video editing software from Apple is now available free. The CD (USD 19.95) is also available. Requirements include Firewire port, Quicktime 4.1 and later, MacOS 9.0.4 Check out the homepage for more information. (PS: i have read that some were able to run the application in MacOS 8.6. Also there are reports where people use Quicktime Pro to generate DV stream (export option) to be used by iMovie).
iMovie (19.2 MB)
An superb image viewer (JPEG, PICT, GIF and TIFF) with slideshow option. Can also save images as PICT. Screenshot of slideshow options, and viewing options
Download (449 KB)
A metaball modeller (PPC, QuickDraw). Screenshot. Home for more information.
Jam (110 KB)
A fast, flexible JPEG, PICT and GIF viewer, and it also converts between PICT and JPEG (JFIF) formats (postcardware). Read me file
A black and white drawing program. Made specially for children (but i have lots of fun with it). A lot of tools available. Screenshot. Commercial version has colour support.
KidPix (60 KB)
Live Picture Viewer 3.2
Based on the VRML 2.0 specification, and adds an extension to VRML 2.0 for describing photographic panoramic images for backgrounds (PPC only). As an internet browser plug-in or standalone viewer. Visit homepage for more information
Download (1.4 MB)
Think of MacGS-550 as a virtual printer: Every time you open a file, asking Ghostscript to run it as a PostScript program, the application creates a new sheet of 'paper' and displays it in a window.Read me file. Homepage of Ghostscript (Mac Port). Homepage of Ghostscript & Ghostview. Other PPC and 68k versions available here.
MacGS 5.5 (4.5 MB)
Modeller Lite (Mac 3D Joy)
The Lite version of the Modeler and Presenter modules offer a modeling size limit (500K) with render size of 320x240. Being a spline-based modeler, you are easily able to create organic shapes that are equivalent to ten times or larger to those create with a polygonal modeler. This makes the Lite version an effective 3D tool for website and CD imagery and animation development. Screenshots of the Modeller Lite, and the Presenter Lite. Homepage. A great tutorial for beginners on 3D graphics (based on Modeller and Presenter) is available here. More advance tutorials are listed here. You might have to fill up this registration page.
Modeller Lite (1248 KB), Presenter Lite (1075 KB)
Monstrous MediaKit
A superb multimedia kit for children with built in sound recorder. You can also save you as Quicktime movie!! It was extremely easy to use, and i found it great for making Quicktime movie greeting cards (esp. this Christmas). Screenshot. (free for a limited time only!)
Monstrous MediaKit 1.4.1 (2 MB)
It has many different brushes, it supports minimal copy and paste as well as pretty good drag and drop. It supports up to one hundred levels of undo (on a per document basis) (PPC only). (overall stable when using default frame, but try increasing application memory  if you want to produce a larger painting). Read me file. Screenshots of tools available, and of brushes available
Mordant 0.2 (144 K)
Movie Cleaner Lite
A lite version of Movie Cleaner that allows you to compress your movies. Only easy settings are available though. You have to register at this page. Screenshot.
Movie Cleaner Lite 1.2 (2 MB)
A standalone FileMaker application to catalog all the movies. Screenshot.
Moviefile@2000 (3.1 MB)
MPLAY Multimedia Player
Will play audio-files such as mp3* (with ID3-tag support), AIFF, WAV as well as video-files such as QuickTime-movies, MPEG and AVI-movies. MPLAY also plays MIDI-files. Basically MPLAY will play all that QuickTime plays, since MPLAY uses QuickTime as playback-engine (PPC only, Quicktime 4 required). Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
MPLAY Multimedia Player (784 KB)
A program to manipulate multispectral and hyperspectral data. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot. Visit homepage for more information and latest updates.
MultiSpec FAT (1.4 MB)
An asset management solution to handle your graphic and cliparts. Myportfolio can tame the chaos with a system of personal asset management through easy to use cataloging
Download (registration required)
A substitute for the Apple Video Player for AV capable macs. It is friendlier for non-US video screen sizes. It has a full screen mode and settings for stop-motion and timelapse recoding. Visit homepage for more information
MyTV! (54 KB)

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