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JPEGView setup notes

1. Open the JPEGView 3.3 f folder
2. Copy the files "JPEGView" and "JPEGView Help" to wherever you would like them (note that the help file must be in the same folder as JPEGView itself!)
3. Copy the file "JPEGView JFIF Preview" into your Extensions folder; do this by dragging the icon on top of your system folder icon, and answering "OK" when the system asks if you want to place it in the Extensions folder.
4. Double-click the JPEGView icon and you're off!

If you have used a previous version of JPEGView on your system, you may notice that the icon for the JPEGView Help file is missing. If this is the case, you can rebuild your desktop to fix the problem. To rebuild your desktop, you need to do the following: restart your computer, and hold down the command and option keys simulatenously as your system starts up. After all the extensions are loaded, you will be asked if you want to rebuild the desktop; answer "OK" to do it, and everything should be fixed once it's finished.

The JPEGView 3.3 distribution comes with several important files:

In "JPEGView 3.3 f"
JPEGView - the JPEGView application itself; double-click this icon to launch JPEGView.

JPEGView Help - JPEGView's extensive on-line help, plus balloon help data. This file *must* be in the same location as the JPEGView application itself, or else JPEGView won't be able to find it!

JPEGView JFIF Preview - a system extension that allows you to view JFIF previews from within any application; to install this extension, either drag its icon on top of your System Folder icon, or manually place it inside your Extensions folder, and restart your computer. Now the JFIF previews that JPEGView creates can be seen from within any QuickTime-aware application!

Parrots.JPEG - a test JPEG image that shows off JPEGView's high-quality dithering routines; try viewing the image in 256 colors with quality normal and with quality high to see the improvements. You can also use this image to verify that you've installed the JPEGView JFIF Preview extension properly; if you can see the preview for Parrots.JPEG, everything is working properly.

Read Me 3.3! - the file that you're reading right now.

JPEGView 3.3 Blurb - this is a little blurb that briefly describes what's new to this latest version of JPEGView and what's so cool about JPEGView itself.

In "AppleScript samples"
JPEGView JFIF to PICT - an example AppleScript "droplet" (drag-and-drop utility) that uses AppleScript and JPEGView to perform batch conversions of any dropped JPEG files to PICT format, with previews, custom icons, and two-pass color reduction information saved in the PICT. Note that the AppleScript extension is *required* in order for this to work.

JPEGView Previews & Icons - another example AppleScript "droplet" that uses AppleScript and JPEGView to create previews and icons for any valid image files dropped onto it. Note that the AppleScript extension is *required* in order for this to work.

JPEGView Image Summary - yet another example AppleScript "droplet" which uses JPEGView and the Scriptable Text Editor to create a summary list of information about all the files you drag onto the JPEGView Image Summary icon. Note that the AppleScript extension is *required* in order for this to work.

JPEGView Slide Show - an extremely simple AppleScript "droplet" that takes all the files and folders dropped onto it and runs a JPEGView slide show from them. Note that the AppleScript extension is *required* in order for this to work.

In "AutoTypers"
Various AutoTypers - an AutoTyper is a simple drag-and-drop utility that changes the file creator and type signatures of dropped files to JPEGView; this means that in the future, when you double-click on the file's icon, it will automatically launch JPEGView, and it will display the proper JPEGView icon. See the chapter on "File Formats and File Types" in the on-line help for a more detailed description. Note that you cannot run this application by double-clicking it; you need to drag one or more files on top of its icon.

Happy viewing!
Aaron Giles
JPEGView author

AOL: AGiles
U.S. Mail:
Aaron Giles
182 E. 95th Street 11E
New York, NY 10128

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