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DVD-Player 0.90.04beta

Last update : december 1998, the 8th
Copyright ©Frederic Aloe 1998
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DVD-Player is a DVD-Video player software (freeware) for PowerMacintosh, 100% native.
It means that it can run on every PowerMacintosh equipped with only a DVD drive. A G3 is highly recommended, but it should run perfectly well on other processor but certainly slowly.
It supports DVD zones 1, 2 and 3, not encrypted. I didn't try with others zones.

The current version only supports the video track; sound and overlay will come later.
On a G3 266Mhz with a 177 Mhz 512 ko L2 cache, a movie can be played at between 8 and 13 frames per second in thousands of colors. In millions 1 fps is lost. Speed will be increased during the next few weeks.

DVD-Player 0.90.04 beta is one of the first versions, so it will evolve withtime.

Note that you have to copy the DrawSproketLib into your System Folder, if it's not installed

DVD-Player is not automatic. You have to select the file you wish to play. Next version will do it.
You can find the movies in the VIDEO folder; they are .VOB files.

ESC : Switch between window mode and full-screen
Space : Go to next frame when you are in Stop or Pause Mode


0.90.04 beta:
- Increase speed 10% :-(
- Better management of crashes
- Detection of encrypted files

0.90.03 beta :
- Several bugs fixed
- Added 16/32 bits display
- Added Color Gray display
- Display frame rate
- Don't always crash if title not supported

0.90.02 beta :
- Fixed some bugs
- Added a full screen mode
- Added a Play/Pause/Stop menu
- Began to work on the sound support
- Began to work on time synchonization

0.09.01 beta :
- play VOB files in 16 bits without sound

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