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Mordant is a PowerPC only 32 bit painting program. It was originally designed to work on texture maps but it does quite a bit more.

It has many different brushes (tinting, spray paint, splatter-electrical, optical blurring, and smearing to name a few). It supports minimumalist copy and paste as well as pretty good drag and drop. It supports up to one hundred levels of undo (on a per document basis).

In order to support drawing texture maps it supports a wrap around painting mode which is its default.

It has some pretty basic features for color picking including a modeless color picker and some color swatches.

This program is not very well tested but I am interested in bug reports as well as suggested improvements.


-- disk space --
Mordant generates many temporary files in order to implement undo as well as reduce its ram footprint. It puts these files in the temporary folder in your system folder and will delete them when it is done with them. However Mordant does not do the right thing when it runs out of disk space and because it uses a bunch of disk space you should be a little careful (example = 200 * 200 image with 50 levels of undo information will be about 6 megabytes).

-- memory usage --
Mordant is a memory hog. It allocates as much as possible of its memory out of the system pool. However it doesn't really understand that it could possibly run out and it may very well crash if it does. You have been warned.

+ scrolling
+ supporting anti-aliased text
+ more brushes
+ filter style effects
+ drawing style tools
+ cutting and pasting of subregions

Release Notes


Initial release of Mordant.


-fixed printing
-made temporary files more compact
-fixed some flickering problems
-mac gifts release

-Michael Evans

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