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© 2000 Micah Lanier

ButtonMaker is designed to assist webmasters in making buttons from various Operating Systems and other popular appearances. You don't need to be a webmaster to use it though :). Made with REALbasic .

€ GIF support will be added ASAP.
€ I am considering contacting theme/scheme authors like Akio and Toren Valimir about using their theme/scheme images.
€ The reason that the position arrows may seem to function in reverse is because the text is positioned on the x axis at the top of the window, not the bottom. Above the axis is considered negative. Therefore, the higher the number, the lower the text will appear.

1.7.0 - Made the interface for friendly for people with 800x600 resolutions, added aqua buttons in Lime, Strawberry, Grape, and Tangerine format.

1.6.0 - Added a font pop-up menu, added arrow controls to make font size and position changes easier, added a slider control for changing the button size, added sliders to make color selection easier, added preset colors to make color locating easier, added a text title to the main window, finally updated the "About ButtonMaker" window.

1.5.0 - The following new buttons are supported :
Apple Platinum (MacOS 8)
Hi-Tech (Unreleased Theme, MacOS 8.5b)
Openstep (OS by NeXT, appearance included in MacOS X)
BeOS 5 (OS by Be)
Internet Explorer (The button design from the popular browser)

€Note: All OS buttons have a regular and default mode. Default simply uses the image that you activate with the return key.€

1.0.0 - Added saving, and more text-formatting options.
1.0.0a1 - First release

Made with REALbasic