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Version 1.0.3
by Dan Crevier


IconToGIF is a freeware utility to convert icons into transparent GIF images suitable for using on WWW pages. It is useful for developers who want to put an icon of their product on their page. You can find the latest version of this program at <>.


Just drag a file, folder, or drive onto IconToGIF, or use the Open... item in the File menu. A file with the extension ".gif" will be created in the directory containing the source. It uses Internet Config if it's available to find the file type/creator to use for the gif.

Scripting IconToGIF

IconToGIF handles a simple scripting command to make a gif file of the icon of a file passed in. A sample script is included that prompts for the output filename for each file, and another that writes the files to a directory specified in the script.
Frontier glue is also provided, thanks to Ole Saalmann <>


In writing this program, I used Ammon Skidmore's StandardGetAnything routine, and the gd gif-manipulating library created by Thomas Boutell and the Quest Center at Cold Spring Harbor Labs. For finding the icons, I use James W. Walker's FindIcon code. For asking the finder for icons, I used some code by Marco Piovanelli. Did I write any of this?

Release Notes

Version 1.0.3 -- 7/13/97
* Correctly handles icons with no transparent areas
* Fixes problem with MacOS 8
* Now Fat
* Includes Frontier glue, thanks to Ole Saalmann

Version 1.0.2 -- 11/27/95
* Uses internet config to find the file type/creator of gif files, if it's available.
* Uses scriptable finder to find icons (if it's available). It does better at finding
the icons of aliases.
* Complains if color Quickdraw isn't installed.

Version 1.0.1 -- 10/23/95
* Enhanced about box and put in support for internet config.
* Added scripting support.
* IconToGIF quits after creating the gifs if it was run by dragging files onto it.

Version 1.0 -- 10/20/95
* Added "Working..." dialog, so you know it's doing something.
* Set's file type to a JPEGView GIF
* Now correctly works with files, folders, and volumes.

Dan Crevier

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