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BetterPlayer v1.0 - FAT
Copyright 2000, Matthew Beedle (
Foxchange Productions -

-BetterPlayer 1.0.2-
BetterPlayer is a simple freeware movie player without the clunky user interface. This freeware program can play about any file format supported by QuickTime.

You can change the creator types of BetterPlayer and even change them back to their original creator, this requires that the file has a resource fork.

If the file doesn't have a resource fork then you can add one using ResEdit. Open the file and it will ask if you want to add a resource fork, answer yes.

BetterPlayer's autoplay and loop features make it ideal for all of those MP3 and MIDI files.

BetterPlayer is in version 1.0, more things are planned for future updates, resizable windows, a favorites list and more!

Find the latest version of BetterPlayer at

-MacOS Requirements-
BetterPlayer should handle small files fine, but for bigger files you will need to give BetterPlayer more RAM.

System 7 and above is highly recommended

-About BetterPlayer-
BetterPlayer is programmed by Matthew Beedle, a special thanks goes out to for assisting source codes.

For more software and some really great games check out:

Thank you for trying this software.
Please send all questions/comments/complaints reguarding it to:

-Version History-
version 1.0.2
- BetterPlayer checks to make sure that the QuickTime extension is installed, if not BetterPlayer will quit.

version 1.0.1
- Fixed bug in "Windows" menu
Window names were scrambled up in the Windows menu

- Fixed bug in "Play", "Stop", "Rewind" commands
The last window clicked accepted the play/stop/rewind menu commands, accept when a window was selected from the "Windows" menu. This has been fixed.

version 1.0
- First release

-Open Source-
See "Read Me" file in the "source" folder.

-License Agreement-
This program is freeware. You may give it to whoever you want, as long as the program is not modified and this documentation is with it. By using this software you agree to the license agreement below.

This software is supplied as is and you agree to hold the creator and all affiliates harmless for any damages incurred from use of this software. Use at own risk.