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Geo3D 1.5.1 Release Notes September 17, 1999

Copyright © 1997-1999, by Stefan Huber. All rights reserved.
Geo3D is freeware. Currently English, French and German versions of Geo3D are available.

Geo3D lets you navigate through space rather than only manipulate the models. Geo3D relies on QuickDraw 3D (QD3D) for rendering, navigation and picking.

What's new? (see
* Fixed several memory leaks.
* Fixed a few cosmetic bugs.
* Recompiled with CodeWarrior Pro 5.

The minimal configuration to use Geo3D is:
* A PowerPC based Computer (PowerMac) with at least 32 megabytes of memory (RAM).
* Mac OS 8 or newer (or Mac OS 7.5.1 - 7.6.1 with Appearance Extension 1.0.2 or newer)
* The system extension QuickDraw(TM) 3D, the libraries QuickDraw(TM) 3D IR, QD3DCustomElements, and QuickDraw(TM) 3D RAVE version 1.5.4 or newer must be installed in your Extensions folder.

Required for some features are:
* Internet Config extension version 2.0 or newer
* QD3D 1.6

Geo3D, QD3D 1.6, Internet Config, and Appearance Extension are currently available from

Geo3D performs best when run on a monitor set to thousands or millions of colors. In order to view transparent surfaces you must have either a hardware QuickDraw 3D accelerator or a plug-in renderer which supports transparencies.

Geo3D supports QD3D's 3D metafile (3DMF) format. 3DMF is a cross-platform (Mac, Windows, Unix) file format that can contain any 3D information the user can create, including all types of geometries and objects, plus textures, lights, shaders, cameras, active renderers, material properties, hierarchical information and more. Both text and binary formats are supported.

Geo3D will open a prefences file in the same folder as itself before looking in the Preferences folder for one. Deleting this file has no effect other than restoring factory defaults.

Your feedback is invited
To obtain additional information about Geo3D or the most recent release, visit the Geo3D web site at <>. Comments, criticisms, suggestions (and cool files) are welcome. If you want to receive mail notifying you when the next version of Geo3D will be available, let me know. Simply fill out the form on the Geo3D download page.

Please send any feedback to

Stefan Huber
Sagenmattstrasse 20
CH-6003 Luzern

Legal Stuff
Geo3D and all its documentation is copyright 1997-1999 by Stefan Huber. All rights reserved. Geo3D is freeware. It may be given away freely as long as:
- all copies must be complete with all documentation / demo files and copyright notices;
- Geo3D and all files in the distribution are not modified;
- you don't charge for it.
Geo3D cannot be included in another package (magazine, CDs, shareware collection ect.) without Stefan Huber's prior permission.
Geo3D is distributed as is, without any warranty. Geo3D seems to work as expected, but Stefan Huber disclaims any liability of any kind for any loss of data, damages, ect. or any consequential effect.

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