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ADB Prober
A small program that displays all devices connected to the ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) and identifies them. Read me file. Screenshot.
ADB Prober 1.0 (20 KB)
Alias Assassin
A great utility to kill off all those hanging aliases (especially in the Navigation Services). Very fast. Read me file. Screenshots of main window, and of results window.
Alias Assassin 1.31 (46 KB)
Appearance Randomiser
A freeware Applescript Utility that randomly sets a theme, desktop picture (on up to 3 monitors), startup screen and sound set. Read me file (MacOS 8.5 and later, AppleScript installed). Homepage.
Appearance Randomiser (55 KB)
Apple Click
A system extension which enables you to quickly open your Apple Menu Items folder by option-clicking on the Apple menu
Apple Error Codes 98
If you ever wondered what all those error types mean, then this might be the answer you are looking for. Well designed, and easy to search (PPC and 68k). Screenshot (main window)
Apple Error Codes 98 (209 K)
Application Monitor 1.0
A small application designed for quitting applications running on your Macintosh or on any other Macintosh connected to your network (this feature requires program-sharing access)
Download (908 K)
Banana Peeler
Remove the banners from Sherlock (MacOS 8.5 and later, AppleScript). Read me file.
Banana Peeler 1.05 (29 KB)
Check 9 File Mgr Compatibility
An utility to test for application compatibility with MacOS 9. Read me file.
Check 9 File Mgr Compatibility(66 K)
Christi's Tree
A small application that puts a Christmas tree on your desktop (with colourful flickering lights). Screenshot (took up 3 MB on board RAM to run). Homepage.
Christi's Tree download page (752 KB)
Clean Install Assistant
Upgrading a System Folder to a new version of Mac OS often takes a lot of time, because you need to figure out which files to move to the new system and which ones to leave behind (extensions, control panels, printer drivers, application-specific items, special folders, etc ). Clean-Install Assistant makes this process easier and faster because it does this sorting and moving automatically (up to Mac0S 9). Read me file. Screenshot (main window). **free for personal and educational use only**
Clean Install Assistant 1.2 (668 KB)
ClipBoard Edit
Clipboard Edit is a simple application which allows you to edit the content of the clipboard (both text and graphic clipboards). You can save it as a clipping file or as a SimpleText file. Read me file (PPC, MacOS 8.1 or later). Screenshot. Download page.
ClipBoard Edit 1.0 (0.8 MB)
Extend your contextual menu with this useful plugin. Read me file (MacOS 8 and later). Homepage.
CMTools 3.0 (192 KB)
Data Ratchet
A control strip module that automatically and instantaneously extracts critical information from web pages, email, or any other text document. Easy to use. In order to extract names, phone numbers, email addresses, or URL's from any body of text, the user needs only to highlight the nearby text, or even the entire text, and hit Cmd-C. Useful information is pulled out automatically by Data Ratchet and is immediately available to the user via the Control Strip. It can then be pasted into any other application or document. Very useful. Screenshots and more information are available here.
Data Ratchet 1.3 (112 KB)
A tool which expands on what Apple has provided in MacOS 8.x and offers far more flexibility. DeskPix offers the following features: Ability to randomly place a new desktop picture at each startup. Ability to set different desktop picture placements for different pictures. Ability to select pictures from one folder or from many different locations. Ability to play a random sound at each startup. Sounds do not hold up your computer until they are done playing. Ability to select sounds from one folder or from many different locations. Screenshot. Click here for more information.
DeskPix 2.0.1 (1.7 MB)
Stores your desktop and restores its status, including Desktop Theme, Window condition (status), Icon locations, Screen settings (Height, Width, Depth), Application Switcher status. Read me file (PPC, MacOS8.5 or later, free for parent's with kids). Screenshot.
DesktopJanitor 1.0.2 (589 KB)
Easy Errors
Allow you to quickly find out about what a particular error means on the Macintosh and the Newton PDA. Simply select the appropriate system, and type the error number in (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Screenshot.
Easy Errors 1.2 (56 KB)
Finder Chance
A system extension that intercepts several Finder Menu commands and enables you to decide whether you want to execute the selected command. Finder Chance gives you a chance to cancel the command if you accidentally select a particular Finder menu item Read me file. Screenshot of control panel
Finder Chance 1.1 (66 K)
Folder Icon Maker
Creates folders with custom icons. If you haven't already plastered your folders with icons from another program, or even if you have, Folder Icon Maker creates attractive folders from almost any file. Read me file. Screenshot.
Folder Icon Maker 1.5.1 (48 KB)
Funk Monkey
Developed specifically to help automate toggling the visibility of files or folders on or off. Funk Monkey can also copy and delete files or folders. Read me file (donationware). Screenshot. Homepage.
Funk Monkey 1.1 (1.2 MB)
G3/G4 Cache Profiler
Learn more about your motherboard, and set your own backside cache ratio. For the latest version, go here
Download (614 K)
Read me file
GUide to Ram Upgrades. It is an application which provides you with information concerning the Memory upgrades that are possible for every model of Macintosh that has ever been made. Read me file. Visit NewerRAM
GURU 2.8 (450 KB)
I Love Native! Pro
An application that enables you to check whether a program or a code resource file was written in PowerPC, 68K, or Fat (both PowerPC and 68K) code. Latest version allows you to carry out certain modifications. Read me file (MacOS8.0 and later, FAT). Homepage for more information and screenshot.
I Love Native Pro v3.0 (642 KB)
Installer Observer
A program designed to aid users in determining exactly what an installer has done to their system. Read me file. Screenshots (main window, preferences). Visit the homepage for latest information
Installer Observer 2.3 (1.2 MB)
Installer Tracker
It can (a) manage installations of new software, and (b) ensure that when you're through with a program, you delete all of the files you want to get rid of -- what Windows people, who have much bigger problems in this area, call "uninstalling." Read me file. Screenshot.
MacUser's Installer Tracker 1.0.1 (88 KB)
Joliet Volume Access
Joliet Volume Access is a File System, that is, it allows you to read disks in a certain format. This File System supports reading the following formats: ISO 9660 Level 1 to 3 and Joliet. Better support for CD-RWs from PC friends. Read me file. Homepage.
Joliet Volume Access (70 KB)
A software patch to allow you to use the function keys like that available in MacOS 9. Please back up your keyboard control panel before trying this. The freeware UltraLaunch from ZDNet also allows you to set your function keys. Screenshot of patch window.
Keyboard Patch (44 KB)
Keychain Unlocker
Unlocks the Keychain in OS 9 when your Mac starts up (or anytime you wish). Unlocks multiple keychains also. Mounts servers after the keychain is unlocked, and launches applications after the keychain is unlocked. Read me file (MacOS9). Homepage.
Keychain Unlocker 2 (12 KB)
KeyStrokes 1.2
Written specifically for those of us who are not (or no longer) able to use a normal keyboard. Provides a fully functional on-screen keyboard that you can use to type with the mouse anywhere you would use a normal (hardware) keyboard (applications, dialog boxes, etc.). It also allows you to shift/option/command/control click (PPC and 68k).  Read me file. Go to the homepage for more information. Registration required (free, of course)
KeyStrokes 1.2 (206 K)
Think of MacGS-550 as a virtual printer: Every time you open a file, asking Ghostscript to run it as a PostScript program, the application creates a new sheet of 'paper' and displays it in a window.Read me file. Homepage of Ghostscript (Mac Port). Homepage of Ghostscript & Ghostview. Other PPC and 68k versions available here.
MacGS 5.5 (4.5 MB)
MacsBug is Apple's assembly-level 680x0 and PowerPC debugger for Mac OS. It can be used to debug code running in most execution environments, from applications to drivers, and everything in between. It's often used as a bug-reporting tool by many 3rd-party developers, as well as Mac OS system software developers. This is the latest version and works on all Macs released until summer 2000 (including Cube). The reference and debugging guide is here (pdf, 1.4 MB). Homepage. You can quickly learn how to make use of this tool here.
MacsBug 6.6.3 (499 KB)
Monitor 1.5-3
An utility that lets you see what your Mac is doing. Monitor presents a number of different types of information ranging from CPU utilization and memory usage to disk space availability in the form of windows and graphs (PPC and 68k). Also downloadable from here
Download (44 K)
Read me file
Mount Everything
A Control Panel designed to help you manage your SCSI bus(es) and the devices such as hard disks you have connected to it (PPC and 68020). Read me file. Screenshot (main panel window, options available) Mt Everything updated to version 1.5.1, bug fix. More docs available here (in HTML, 252 K). For System 6, download version 1.1.1 (133 K). Click here to learn more (eg. screenshots or read me files) or visit the homepage for more information.
Mount Everything 1.5.1 (66 K)
Multiple Users Info
"Multiple Users Info" is a simple Scripting Additions that will provide basic info about the Muliple Users feature of Mac OS 9.0. An AppleScript, or any application capable of accessing Scripting Additions, can determine if Multiple Users is active and if so determine the type of account currently logged in (if any) and also the name of the account. Read me file (MacOS9) (postcardware). Homepage.
Multiple Users Info 1.0.1 (47 KB)
An application that lets you have many preference sets for individual applications. This is especially useful on family computers that many people use. Of course if you are running on MacOS9, then you probably won't need this. Read me file. Screenshots (main window, file menu) (PS: As a good practice,please ensure you back up your current preferences before using this). Homepage for the latest version.
MultiPrefs 1.2.1 (676 KB)

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