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May 1994

Monitor 1.5-3
Copyright © 1991-1994 Mark Alldritt
All Rights Reserved

Monitor is a utility for the Macintosh which allows you to see the level of activity taking place within your computer. Monitor presents a number of different types of information including CPU utilization, memory usage and disk space availability. Much of the information presented by Monitor is displayed using graphs.


Monitor relies heavily on facilities of the Macintosh System 7 operating system to gather data about your computer. As a result, Monitor will not work with versions of the Macintosh operating system prior to System 7. In addition, Monitor requires 80K of memory to operate. Depending on the number of processes being monitored, Monitor typically uses less than 3% (on a SE/30) of the available processor time. The Monitor application and preferences files occupy 70K of disk space.


To install Monitor on your system simply copy the Monitor application file to any folder on your hard disk. Monitor creates a preferences file in which it saves information about the windows you have open and their positions on the screen. This preferences file is stored in the Preferences folder within your System Folder. If you wish to have Monitor running all the time, place the Monitor application or an alias to the Monitor application in the Startup Items folder within your System Folder.

If you have been using Monitor version 1.4 you must rebuild your desktop file to enjoy Monitor's new color icon.

If you need additional information on how to use the program, turn on Balloon Help.

Version History:

Version 1.5-3 May 5 1994
- Corrected my e-mail address. My address changed at the beginning of the year, so any messages you may have sent to that address will not have reached me.

Version 1.5-2 March 1 1994
- Corrected a fatal bug brought to light by System 7 Pro's use of special "external" disk volumes with 0 bytes capacity.
- Changed Email address in about box and Read Me file.

Version 1.5-1 July 1993
- Corrected a bug which caused Monitor to hang in rare circumstances
- Removed redundant code - reduced partition size from 80 to 75K.

Version 1.5-0 June 1993
- Added a Memory window which presents a summary of memory usage. This window displays memory usage information for the system as a whole and for each running application. The Memory window is similar to the Finder's "About This Macintosh" window.
- Added new sorting options to the Volumes Order menu.
- Changed menu highlighting for the Show Volumes and Show Applications menu items to make them conform more to the interface guidelines.
- Corrected a window redraw problem which caused the bars in the Applications window to break up when foreground applications changed the color palette.
- Corrected a rare problem which caused volume name changes and volume dismounts not to be reflected properly in the Volumes window.
- Added a limits check when adjusting window positions to avoid a problem where window title bars could move up under the menu bar when Resize Upwards is selected. Also made Monitor sensitive to changes in the size of the desktop.
- Corrected a problem where desk accessories were not sorted properly in the Applications window.
- Changed the way Pause operates. It now pauses immediately as opposed to taking one more sample.
- Added color icons for the Monitor application and preferences file.

Version 1.4-0 April 1993
- First public release of Monitor

Known Problems:
- When Monitor is in the foreground and the Finder is the only other application running, Monitor reports inaccurate CPU percentages. This problem goes away when Monitor is placed in the background or when active background applications are present on the system.

Copying Monitor:

Though free, Monitor is copyrighted software. Please feel free to give copies to your friends and colleagues, however, Monitor may not appear as part of any promotional offer or commercial product without the author's expressed written permission. When distributing Monitor, please include this Read Me file.

Contact Information:

Please send all comments, questions or suggestions to me at the following address:

Mark Alldritt
1571 Deep Cove Road
North Vancouver, B.C.

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