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Funk Monkey 1.1

Thanks for using Funk Monkey! This program is distributed as donationWare and may be freely distributed as much as you like, as long as this ReadMe file is included.

New in 1.1:

Fixed a bug with the cancel button in the copy window. Copies can now be canceled. This was the main fix. I also added the refresh button to update the mounted drives. In version 1.0, you had to quit and relaunch Funk Monkey to update the drives. Also, 1.1 is now a Fat app, meaning it will run on both PowerPCs and older 68k Macs. All other changes made were mostly cosmetic, such as the about screen and the new icons for the buttons.

What is Funk Monkey?

Funk Monkey was developed specifically to help automate toggling the visibility of files or folders on or off. Whenever I produce CD-ROMs, I have to hide several files and folders on the CD to prevent the end user from seeing them. I've used several other utilities for doing this, but each one forces you to load each file in at a time. When you have lots of files to convert, this takes awhile! So, I developed Funk Monkey to help with this task. Funk Monkey can also copy and delete files or folders.

Funk Monkey has only five options available. All but one option is disabled until items are selected from the Drive List Window on the left. All options are described as follows:

Refresh Window:

Use this button whenever you insert a new CD, Jaz, Zip, etc into your computer. This will update the Drive List Window on the left.

Show Selected:

Makes all selected files/folders visible from the Finder. Visible files/folders can be seen by anyone using your system.

Hide Selected:

Makes all selected files/folders invisible from the Finder. Invisible files/folders CANNOT be seen by anyone using your system. They are completely invisible from prying eyes!

Copy Selected:

Will copy all selected files/folders to a specified location. If the selected item is a folder, the contents of the folder will be copied as well, including all subfolders. This option is very handy if you need to copy some files or folders off a CD-ROM, but they're hidden. No problem for Funk Monkey! Just select the invisible items and copy away!

Delete Selected:

Use this with caution! Will completely delete the selected file/folder. If the item is a folder, all subfolders and items contained within will be deleted as well. I am not responsible for anyone deleting files they didn't want deleted. Use extreme caution with this one!


Command-Click selects multiple files.

Shift- Click selects multiple files sequentially.


For safety reasons, certain limits have been programmed into Funk Monkey. This is to prevent tampering with system level files/folders. Doing so might render your computer useless, and we wouldn't want that! For instance, if the item selected is within the system folder, it cannot be manipulated. Also, volumes cannot be selected. This is to prevent someone from making their hard drive invisible (I know, I did so during development! It still appeared on the desktop, but in Open/Save dialogs, it was gone!). Also, the Desktop Folder or the Trash cannot be manipulated. Other than that, it's fair game! Enjoy the app and I hope it serves you well!

If anyone has any suggestions, bug fixes, enhancements, donations, etc.... please feel free to contact me at: Have fun!

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