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Clipboard Edit 1.0 [2000/10/26]
© 1999-2000, Vincent Jalby. All rights reserved.

by Vincent Jalby,

Clipboard Edit is a simple application which allows you to edit the content of the clipboard (both text and graphic clipboards). You can save it as a clipping file or as a SimpleText file.

Clipboard Edit is freeware. That means you can use it for free.

When editing a text clipboard, you can modify it, and use the filters available in the Tools menu:
€ you can filter special characters (tab, carriage return, 8bits characters,...)
€ you can also convert from or to Unix/Windows/Unicode.
When editing a picture, you can
€ zoom in or out, using the Command or Option keys
€ resize the picture, using the shift key, then return key.

Known Limitations:
To open a (not so) large image, you may have to increase Clipboard Edit memory allocation. If there is not enough memory available, Clipboard Edit may fail to open the clipboard, or be only able to show the image: scaling and clipping image may fail.

System Requirements:
Clipboard Edit should run on any Power Macintosh using MacOS 8.1 or greater.

You can contact the author by email at .

Special thanks to Douglas Anderson for his numerous comments and its help to improve this read-me.

Version History:
Version 0.9 [1999/04/27] First public release
Version 0.91 [2000/01/10] Private release, adding ³8bit to TeX²
Version 1.0 [2000/10/26] New 2001 GUI, text filters, picture editing,Š

Legal Stuff:
Use this software, Clipboard Edit, at your own risk. The author, Vincent Jalby, makes no claims as to the fitness of this software, Clipboard Edit, for any particular purpose. There are no warranties, expressed or implied.

Clipboard Edit uses
€ MS Style Button Classes by Will Cosgrove,
€ Map Canvas by Doug Holton,
€ Micono RbStringUtil, Copyright 1999, Micono Utilities. All rights reserved.
€ PG_RBStandardAlert, © Michael Herzog, 1999 PERGAON interactive visual design

This application has been built using REALbasic 2 from REAL Software, Inc. For more information, check out