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About Mt. Everything 1.5.0

What is Mt. Everything?

Mt. Everything is a Control Panel designed to help you manage your SCSI bus(es) and the
devices such as hard disks you have connected to it.

What is new in 1.5.0 ?

Compared to the latest official release, Mt. Everything 1.1.1, many things have changed.

Assuming not everyone using or evaluating this version has taken part in my efforts to
get this release ready by downloading and testing alpha and beta releases, I'll only
summarize the big picture here.

Mt. Everything 1.5 introduces a whole bunch of new features and gets rid of some outdated ones.

The main and most important new thing is: Mt. Everything finally supports multiple SCSI buses.
In fact, no matter how many SCSI buses are present on your Mac, either on-board or on
PCI- or NuBus cards, Mt. Everything lets you inspect and manage every individual bus and the
devices connected to it without forgetting to support old-style SCSI on single-bus Macs.

All the features seasoned users of Mt. Everything have come used to are there:
Mounting entire drives or single partitions, starting and stopping drives on demand and
inspecting all partitions on a drive even without having to mount the drive (or any
partition on it).

Mt. Everything's appearance has been revised to closer match Mac OS' platinum look but
with a distinct personal touch. And it still looks good on black & white only monitors!

There are many more enhancements to the user interface than rather drawing things in color:
You may now navigate through the devices on the currently displayed SCSI bus unsing the
up- and down-arrow keys on the keyboard and switch between available buses with the
left- and right-arrow keys.

More important, Mt. Everhing now does an automatic sanity check on a disk's most important
data structure, the partition map, whenever you select a drive and choose to get "Info" on it.
No other tool I'm aware of does this or tells you whats wrong in case of a problem -
Mt. Everything does!

Mt. Everything 1.5 extends its "Info" command to display the most important properties
of any SCSI bus.


Mt. Everything no longer supports Macintosh computers with MC68000 processors.
It needs a MC68020 or better and System 7.0 ar later.


On a Blue & White PowerMac G3 (and possibly ohers) you'll end up in both an empty
Motherboard bus ID 0 and an empty virtual bus. This is not an error in Mt. Everything:
Current Mac OS software "fakes" an onboard SCSI bus (probably for compatibility reasons)
even though there is no hardware for an onboard bus.

Mail your comments!

I'd like to have your feedback on the new look and the enhanced functions. I'd also welcome feature
requests for Mt. Everything to better be able to program to your needs and not only to mine.

Please send mail to <> if you have remarks on Mt. Everything
or if you find bugs in Mt. Everything. Before mailing any bug reports or feature requests, please make sure to have read Mt. Everything's documentation because your request probably will have been covered there!

Please use the enclosed "Reply Form" for bug reports or comments and fill it out accordingly.
Doing so greatly helps me to understand your problem or comment.

Thanks for your contributions.

Horst Pralow

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