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Alias Assassin 1.3 Change Log 11/12/91

Here's Alias Assassin 1.3. No major new features, just a bunch of small improvements and bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who had bugs to report, your fix should be in this version somewhere!

New Stuff

AA now uses the correct icon when you attach to an item with a custom icon.

Better handling of false aliases.

The reversed folders in "Path to Target" is now fixed.

Thanks for downloading Alias Assassin - bug reports are welcome. The best place to report them is in ZMac's download area on Compuserve (GO DOWNTECH). The About box lists some other addresses as well. Also, the usual disclaimers apply: use at your own risk, etc. etc.

Bill Monk

Alias Assassin is Copyright © 1991 by Ziff-Davis Publishing Co. and Bill Monk
This utility can be copied but is copyrighted. You may make copies for
others as long as no charge is involved, but making copies for any commercial
purpose is prohibited. This utility is available exclusively through Ziff Communications on-line services and electronic publishing projects:
please do not post it to other services.

Changes for 1.3.1 11/16/91

Fixed bug, introduced in 1.3, which only occurs on the Classic/Plus/512, causing them to crash at startup. Other machines are unaffected. This is what I get for using a Portable for 68000 compatibility testing and assuming it would catch this sort of thing. But it doesn't. Apologies to those bitten.

Changes for 1.3: 11/12/91

Fix possible problem when processing key events during scanning.

Add detailed diagnostic to catch MatchAlias weirdness reported to MacDTS.

Add better explanatory message if can't resolve an alias due to AppleShare, Network Extension, File Sharing Extension not being installed.

fix -193 error on false aliases.

Make "Connect" command set proper icon when connecting to special folders and disks, servers, folders and files with custom icons. -When- the icon actually appears is still up to the Finder, as always. Usually you'll have to close the enclosing folder and reopen, or 2click the alias, to see the change.

Changes for v1.2 (never uploaded)

When checking for false aliases and and finding alias target, use SetResLoad(FALSE) and LoadResource to avoid the following: A file has the isAlias bit set incorrectly, and also contains a bunch of resources set to preLoad. If we open this res file, the preload resources will load into our heap. If there are a lot of them we may run out of memory and crash. Normally, aliases don't have many resources, and there are none set to preload. This is just to avoid the above pathological condition, which sometimes occurs with older "false alias" files.

Speed up calculation of paths to alias and alias target slightly.

Improve saving of window positions when when different monitors are connected to machine at different times.

Add B&W popup icons instead of using nothing if no color available.

Changes for v1.1.1 of 9/1/90

Built under Think C 5.0 with the various optimizations turned on. Seems a bit faster (for being disk-bound) and is about 10K smaller. Not bad...

fix "folders in path to target" reversed problem, left over from when the path was displayed bottom to top (like standard file) instead of top to bottom..

properly handle error from FSMakeFSSpec on 400K floppies, and add Balloon text for them.

fix long standing buglet in error reporting code which would fail to find the human-language explanation of the error if the explanation was over a certain length.

Was catching false aliases if the file had a resource fork, but if it did not have one, then it just reported the error instead of handling it and offering to fix the false alias.

If doing "regular" alias checking, false aliases are found and never entered into the list. If doing a "List all", no checking is done and false aliases can get into the list. When clicked on, and if the option to fix is OK'd, now remove the false aliases from list (used to allow it to stay there). There must be a better way to say that....

Put name of the false alias file in the dialog which offers to fix it.

Changes for 1.1 and earlier
deleted for this file.

Known Problems
Volumes with slashes in their names "/" show up in popup witha Cmd-key, Due to Menu Manager's parsing of the name. Not dangerous, but weird looking.

Doing a "List all" on a volume containing no aliases produces msg: "No suspects found". Should say "No aliases found".

Connecting to hard drives and servers that lack a custom icon will create an alias with a generic icon, until you click it the first time.

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