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Download links checked: 30th Dec 2000

AlarmCall is a freeware program which lets you play mp3s or other sound files as alarms. This way you can wake up in the morning to your favorite song instead of an annoying beep. Read me file (PPC). Screenshot. Homepage.
AlarmCall 1.0 (837 KB)
CornerClock--17th Feb 2001
CornerClock is a desktop utility which provides the option of displaying a chiming clock in the top left corner of the screen. You can have the time or the date displayed by default (the other will display upon placing the cursor over the corner). You can also turn off the display and just use the chime functionality. Read me file. Screenshots of CornerClock in action, and preferences available. Homepage.
CornerClock 2.2.3 (204 KB)
A no-frills freeware application that can display and print monthly calendar pages (PPC and 68k). Get the latest version here
Download (168 K)
Read me file
SmoothClock--5th Feb 2001
SmoothClock is an application displaying continuously an analog clock which you can personalize by modifying its size, colors and background picture. The clock remains in front of other applications, except with applications such as many games filling the screen and hiding the menu bar and the control strip and. Read me file (68k and PPC). Screenshots of Smooth Clock, and the preferences available. Homepage where you can download the latest version (French version is also available).
SmoothClock 1.0.7 (1 MB)
SuperClock!--5th Feb 2001
SuperClock! is a control panel that displays the time and date near the right end of the menu bar. If you're using a portable Macintosh, it will also display the battery level; the battery icon will include a little lightning bolt when the battery is charging. Read me file (68k and PPC). Screenshots of the different views of SuperClock!, clock options and timer options.
SuperClock! 4.0.4 (33 KB)
The MP3 Alarm Clock
The MP3 alarm clock is a program that lets you wake up to your MP3s! Lots of different skins available for the clock too. Read me file. Go to the download page to choose either the bare package (63 KB) or the full package (262 KB, with skins and all). Check out also the screenshots at the homepage.
The MP3 Alarm Clock (262 KB / 63 KB)
A scriptable application that sets your Macintosh clock using version 1 of the Network Time Protocol (PPC and 68k).Read me file. Homepage.
Vremya 2.0 (45 KB)

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