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Vremya 1.6.5
January 5, 1998

Vremya is an scriptable application that sets your Macintosh clock using version 1 of the Network Time Protocol as described in RFC 1059 by D. Mills. This is a simple implementation of NTP, but the accuracy is sufficient for the Macintosh clock.

Why Vremya?
If you just want to set your Macintosh clock occasionally and quickly, and you don't want Control Panels and Extensions, Vremya is the solution for you.

Vremya requires System 7 or better with MacTCP or OpenTransport installed. You should also have your geographical location set using the Map control panel and the Daylight Saving Time checkbox checked or unchecked to reflect your current state.

Distribution, Acknowledgments, etc.
Vremya is an implementation of RFC 1059 Network Time protocol (Version 1) Specification and Implementation by D. Mills. Vremya is copyright 1996-1998 Kirill Levchenko. It may be used and distributed at no cost along with this file and the documentation, but cannot be sold or distributed for profit without the author's permission. Thanks to everyone who reported bugs and especially to Tomas Risberg who also helped test Vremya and Aaron Ruiz who helped isolate a PPC bug.

Version History
Version 1.6.5
* Added "Resolve each time" server address option.

Version 1.6.4
* Spelling corrections.
* "Set System Clock" command key equivalent now Cmnd-T.

Version 1.6.3
* Increased PPC memory requirement.
* Improved switch-to-Finder routine.

Version 1.6.2
* More memory stuff.

Version 1.6.1
* More memory adjustments.

Vremya 1.6
* Fixed 68K bugs (e, first-time settings dialog, etc.)
* Added scripting support. Use the Script Editor to view the supported scripting commands. See the Scripting Notes in the Documentation.
* Fine-tuned memory requirements. See the Documentation for memory usage info for different versions and architectures.
* Added info about obtaining the latest version. It's at the bottom of this document.
* Cleaned up Balloon Help text.

Vremya 1.5.7 (not released)
* Corrected sound behavior when sound is turned off and success notice is off.
* Corrected first-time settings dialog appearance.
* Better memory usage.

Vremya 1.5.6
* Corrected some switch-to-Finder behavior.
* Corrected some background/foreground cursor behavior.
* Fixed e. Electrical appliances, motor vehicles, and other devices which relied on this important constant should work fine now.
* Added the geographical location check.
* Changed "clock set" sound.

Vremya 1.5.5
* Fixed repetition bug that could cause Vremya to repeatedly attempt to set the clock.

Vremya 1.5.4
* Fixed PPC and OT bug permanently.

Vremya 1.5.3
* Fixed long sound playback for people that want to use their own "clock set" sound. (If you do, don't forget to give Vremya more memory)
* Fixed bug that affected some PowerPC machines using OpenTransport.
* Increased repetitive clock set interval.

Vremya 1.5.2
* Fixed repetitive clock set mechanism.
* Updated launch mechanism. Vremya can now set the clock only if it has not been set in a specified interval. See the Settings dialog for more info.

Vremya 1.5.1
* Fixed serious 68K bug.
* Changed the memory requirement to 64K. On PPC machines with VM off you may be able to take this number down to 64K, if memory is an issue.
* Fixed many error reporting problems.
* Fixed extra minus bug in success note.
* Other minor fixes.

Vremya 1.5
* Changed sound.
* Moved the documentation into another file.
* Rewrote most of Vremya. Changes include:
* Memory requirement now 64K
* Faster performance
* Interchangeable preferences
* Fixed all known bugs

Vremya 1.2.2
* Fixed another bad default setting.

Vremya 1.2.1
* Changed unsafe default option.

Vremya 1.2
* Vremya can now set the clock every N hours if you keep it in the background.
* Modified preferences dialog so it makes a little more sense.

Vremya 1.1.8
* Increased suggested memory size to 78K (100K on PPC machines with VM off).
* Better "connection open" detection under some OT systems.
* Improved some error alerts.

Vremya 1.1.7
* Added info about DST.
* Added ability to abort using "-." when getting server info or setting the clock.
* Cleaned up network code some more.
* Increased no response timeout.
* Improved handling in very very low memory conditions.

Vremya 1.1.6 (not released)

Vremya 1.1.5
* Less processor hogging when in the background.
* ...and other speed increases.
* Caps lock no longer considered "any key" (why? because it's extra-special) on launch.
* Even more unnoticeable speed gains.
* Minor speed and size gains in networking.

Vremya 1.1.4
* Preferences "corruption" fixed.
* Vremya no longer "locks" in a bad server if you don't specify one on first launch.

Vremya 1.1.3
* Quitting on launch bug fixed.

Vremya 1.1.2
See Vremya 1.1.1.

Vremya 1.1.1
* Nasty crash bug fixed (Vremya would crash if MacTCP or OT was not installed).

Vremya 1.1
* Alerts will now allow you to hit return for the default action.
* Sound when the clock is set added (see settings).
* Alert auto dismissal added (see settings).
* "Success" notification added (see settings).
* Even friendlier resolver.

Vremya 1.0.6
* Better default server.

Vremya 1.0.5
* Server information now also reports the difference between the system clock and the time reported by the server.

Vremya 1.0.4
* Resolving an address no longer crashes. I realized people may take that the wrong way.

Vremya 1.0.3
* Settings and Server Info dialog boxes are now movable.
* Can check if MacTCP is open, can wait if not. See section about the Settings dialog box.

Vremya 1.0.2
* Server address taken from Network Time preferences.

Vremya 1.0.1
* Added more server info.
* Compensation for network delays.

Vremya 1.0
First version.

Obtaining the latest version
You can obtain the latest fat binary version from:
Other versions are in the directory:

Questions? Comments?
If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about/for Vremya, you can reach me at:

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