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SuperClock! 4.0.4

SuperClock! displays the time and date near the right end of the menu bar. If you're using a portable Macintosh, it will also display the battery level; the battery icon will include a little lightning bolt when the battery is charging. To use SuperClock!, put it into the System Folder or the Control Panels folder (for System 6.x or 7.x, respectively), and then restart the Macintosh. Holding the shift key down when starting up will prevent SuperClock! from being installed.

€ Note that SuperClock! will only run with System 6.0.7 or later.

Once it's installed, it will display the time on the menu bar as long as there's room for it; various combinations of small screen sizes, large number of menus, or a large clock font could cause the clock to be hidden. If you want to hide the clock for awhile (for instance, if you're doing a presentation in MacroMind Director), hold down the option key and click on the clock.

If you're running on a portable Macintosh, hold down the control key and click on the battery indicator to put the computer to sleep.

Clicking on the clock (with no keys held down) toggles between the time, date, and a count down/count up timer (clicking on the little timer icon will start or stop the timer).

To configure the clock, open the Control Panel and select "SuperClock!" (for System 6.x), or open the "SuperClock!" control panel (for System 7.x). Clicking on the icons will open up windows that allow you to configure the clock to your taste. Everything should be pretty self-explanatory, but for those of you running System 7, Balloon Help is provided for your amusement.

€ Starting with version 4.0, SuperClock! uses a new method of determining when a screen saver is running that essentially asks the screen saver itself. Support for this feature was developed by Berkeley Systems for After Dark. It's also supported in recent versions of Pyro! and DarkSide. What this means is that SuperClock! will not hide for older screen savers (Moire comes to mind), and some presentation applications in full screen mode. If you run into one of these cases and can get in touch with the author, please feel free to point him/her to me and I can let 'em know about a really easy change that needs to be made.

SuperClock! is free, but I reserve all rights to it. Give it to your friends if you like. It may not be distributed commercially (public domain and shareware disks come to mind), however user's groups and on-line services may distribute it as long as any costs are for the service (i.e., connect time or media costs), AND that it's accompanied by this documentation.

If you really feel an urge to send me something, don't. I do this for the fun of it. If the urge just won't go away, send a donation to the Stanford Children's Hospital instead since they're always happy to receive donations from people like you for software like this. Their address is:

The Lucile Salter Packard
Children's Hospital at Stanford
725 Welch Road
Palo Alto, California 94304


I hope you like SuperClock!. If you have any suggestions or find a bug, please let me know. I do occasionally get a new release out to fix things (this one only took a couple of years)...

Steve Christensen × April 1993

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