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The MP3 Alarm Clock

version 1.0
Made by Mike Margolis ©2000

The MP3 alarm clock is a program that lets you wake up to your MP3s! Pretty simple, huh. All you need to do is open up my program, and create a new Alarm.

System Requirements:
A mac and Quicktime. To play MP3s, you'll need QuickTime 4.0 or newer.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: How in the world do I create a new alarm?
A: You either edit an empty alarm, use the File menu > New Alarm, or type N. Once the Edit Alarm window appears, select a time and a day (make sure you get AM/PM correct - I always screw that up myself) and the select some music you want to wake up to by clicking on the "Media" button. You can open MP3s, WAVs, MIDIs, and AIFFs (chances are you dont have AIFFs lying around). If all goes well, the title of the song will appear in the Edit Alarm window next to the "Media" button. Click the OK button and viola, your alarm is created. That wasn't too hard, was it? Important note: If you want the alarm to go off, click the "Active" box that corresponds with it.

Q: Can I make more than 1 alarm? I only see 1 alarm in the Alarms window.
A: Of course you can. You can have up to 14 alarms! To get more alarms, just click on the down arrow button in the bottom right of the Alarms window.

Q: Why did you make this program?
A: Because I'm sick of having alarm clock programs that beep, or only have one alarm to set. As a college student, I have to wake up every day at a different time! So, I made this. :-)

Q: How can I get more skins, or can I make my own?
A: You could go to the official web site and download any new skins you see there. If you wanna make new skins, email me at and i'll tell you how to make one. Its pretty easy!

Anyways, I can't think of anything else to write. As people as more questions (and trust me they do), more questions will be asked, and more answers if i'm in the mood :-)

Known issue:
* Some MP3s won't play because QuickTime can't play some types of MP3s! BUMMER!

I would like to thank:
Dave Holle - for kicking ass
Josh Wurzel - it was his idea
Michael Simmons - bad ass beta tester
Mike Miller - without him I wouldn't program on the mac
Joseph Kennedy - moral support or something

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