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CornerClock v2.2.3

CornerClock is a desktop utility which provides the option of displaying a chiming clock in the top left corner of the screen. You can have the time or the date displayed by default (the other will display upon placing the cursor over the corner). You can also turn off the display and just use the chime functionality.

CornerClock includes some chimes of it's own, and also loads the system sounds for optional chimes. You can add or change chimes to CornerClock by using ResEdit. Edit the "snd" resource. Chime sounds run from ID 140 through 199 (must be successive... when CornerClock detects an unused slot, it stops loading sounds). These chimes can be played at the hour, or 15, 30, and 45 minutes after the hour (with the option of playing different chimes at different time slots).

CornerClock also supports a quiet tick sound to be played each minute. To edit these sounds, use ResEdit, and update the "snd" resource IDs from 200 on.

Other options include: DD/MM or MM/DD date format, 12-hour or 24-hour clock, Black-on-White or Yellow-on-Black display, and the choice of chiming once or chiming the number of hours on the hour.

Place the CornerClock folder in your utilities folder. Place an alias to the CornerClock application into your Startup Items folder in your System Folder.

CornerClock v2.2.3
by Bill Catambay

Changes since v2.2.2
- About window refurbished
- Adjusted clock picture DITL resources to display better
- Fixed bug which prevented turning off the primary chime

Changes since v2.2.1
- Added pictures to represent chime periods.
- Fixed bug involving handling quit events on PPC machines.

Changes since v2.2
- Fixed bug of TickCount being unrecognized (due to variable declared by same name).
- Fixed bug of sounds not being tracked correctly.
- Now only plays the hourly chime upon a Force chime selection.
- Adjusted tick schedule to catch up with itself if more than a minute goes by.

Changes since v2.1.1
- Added feature for specifying different chimes at the hour, at 00:15, 00:30, and 00:45.
- Added feature for specifying a tick sound each minute.

Changes since v2.1
- Now PPC native.

Changes since v2.0.1
- Now supports option of no display (chime only).

Changes since v2.0
- Fixes so that if mouse is left in corner, program does not continuously switch views.

Changes since v1.9
- Added preferences for chime selection (list built from SND resources from 140 up, and from System sounds starting from 5 and up).
- Added preferences for date format (month/day versus day/month).

Changes since v1.8
- Added preference option for 12 hour clock and 24 hour clock.

Changes since v1.7:
- Enhanced to be friendlier when quiting providing info dialogs.

Changes since v1.6:
- Added a new clock style for black on white
- Added a new option to Preferences for clock style

Changes since v1.5:
- Created a Preferences dialog for handling all default values
- Added a choice for chiming once, or chiming number of hours

Changes since v1.2:
- Added a File menu item for choosing the default display (date or time).
- Chime and default display selections are now saved in a Preference file.
- Application now handles an AEQuit so that it properly exits when asked to quit from another app.

Changes since v1.1:
- Added a toggle under the File menu for disabling the chime.

CornerClock is a pascal program based upon Masafumi Ueda's MBarClock C program.

MBarClock was a program which displayed the time or date in the menu bar to the left
of the Apple menu. CornerClock uses that same feature, and adds new features.

I converted Masafumi's MBarClock from C to Pascal, and then began forging it into
a chime replacement program. Currently, if you have long chimes activated with your
clock which comes with system 7.5, you may experience a very annoying distorted
sound which interrupts your chime. This is a known bug with the system, as it does not
appear to lock the sound handle when it plays it (it should lock it because it plays it
asynchronously). CornerClock plays the hourly chime asynchronously, but locks the
handle so you get a smooth play.

CornerClock will play a grandfather clock chime on the hour (3 chimes as 3:00, 4 at 4:00, etc.).

When you place the cursor over the time, it will change to the date for 2 seconds, then change back
to the time (same feature in MBarClock except now there is sound). I've also added some menus
to CornerClock so that you can toggle the date and time, and force a chime.

There are many enhancements which can be made, like changing the chime sound, changing the
volume, etc., but I'm releasing it as is to provide the Pascal community with some more sample
Pascal code. Feel free to send me any questions or notes of thanks.

CornerClock ęBill Catambay, 1996,1997,1998,1999
All rights reserved worldwide.