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Binhex 4.0 (6 KB), Decode and encode bin.hqx files (68k and PPC).

Disk Copy 6.3.3 (1 MB) An utility application that will mount disk images on your desktop, make exact copies of floppy disks from a disk image, convert disk images from one format to another, and create a disk image from a mounted volume or individual folder (PPC and 68k). Read me file.

DropBin 1.5 (14 KB), A drag and drop auto bin hexer.

Drop Disk 1.0b5 (13 KB), Lets you mount disk images on the desktop. Read me file.

Drop MacBinary III 1.1 (13 KB), Decode and encode bin files (68k and PPC).

Easy-BZ 1.1 (76 KB), A compression tool which allows extremely tight compression and quick decompression. Based on the BZip2 standard. Read me file (MacOS 8 and later). Home.

Easy-GZ 1.1 (154 KB), A compression tool based on the GZip standard. Read me file (MacOS 8 and later). Home.

File Smiler (77 K), Automates the process of creating Self Mounting Images like Apple uses. Read me file (AppleScript, DiskCopy 6.3, OS 8 and above required). Also available here. Check for latest update here

HQXer 1.1 (55 KB), HQXer allows you to decode and encode BinHex archives in the most efficient way ever possible. Read me file.

HQXing FAT (49 KB), A binhexer with drag and drop enabled. You can also set the destination folder in preferences (check out screenshot). Read me file (PPC and 68k). You can find PPC only and 68k only packages at the homepage. Screenshot of preferences available. Homepage for more information. Thanks to Masanori Kajiwara for this information.

LHA Expander 1.0.8 (157 KB), A drag and drop utility for LHA file decompressing. LHA Expander can handle general LHA archives (.lzh, .lha, lzs), self extracting archives (.exe, .com, .x) and MacLHA archives (which was encoded in MacBinary format first, then compressed). Read me file (68k and PPC).

MacGzip (208 K), Gzip file decompression and compression. Read me file (both PPC and 68k). Homepage

MacLHA 2.22 (186 KB), Compression and decompression software that has compatibilities with LHA, LHarc or LArc for each system. Read me file. Home (in Japanese). This software can be run in either Japanese or English!

MacZip 1.0.4 final (365 KB), A great freeware utility to zip and unzip any files (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Check out the latest version at homepage.

MakeSMI 1.1 (48 KB), A small drag and drop utility to create self mounting images (".smi" files). Just drop a disk image (an ".img" file, created by drop disk) onto the MakeSMI application.Read me file (PPC and 68k) . Visit the homepage

MB Stripper 1.13 (34 KB), An utility program that converts MacBinary files into natural Macintosh file format. Read me file.

MindExpander 1.0 (303 K), MindExpander is a compressed file decompressor that sometimes handles old sit files better. Now updated to handle zip files too. Homepage.

ShrinkWrap 1.4.2 (112 KB), Create DiskCopy images quickly and efficiently. Also mounts images easily. Read me file.

Stuffit Expander 5.5 (898 K), The only decompressor that you will ever need (both PPC and 68k). Read me file. Download page.

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