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HQXing 1.3f2


© 1999-2000 JNQT

What is HQXing?
HQXing is a tiny and simple application for encoding and decoding BinHex4.0(.hqx) format files.

System7 or later.

Installing HQXing
Place HQXing in anywhere else you like.

Using HQXing
To convert a file, there are two ways:
- Launch HQXing, and choose "Encode..." or "Decode..." from the File menu.
- Drag and Drop one(or more) file(s) onto HQXing's icon.

Configuring Preferences
You can choose "Preferences..." from the File menu to configure the features of HQXing. A dialog box will appear that has these options:
* Destination
"Desktop Folder" - Save the converted file(s) to the current Desktop Folder.
"Same As Original" -Save the converted file(s) to the same folder or volume as the original file(s).
"Always Ask" - Always prompt for the converted file(s).
"Always Use" - Always save the converted file(s) to a selected folder or volume.
* Miscellaneous
"Beep When Done" - Sound a "Tick-beep" after conversion process.
"Quit When Done" - Quit automatically after conversion process.

HQXing is freeware.
Use HQXing at your own risk. I will not be responsible for any damage implicitly or explicitly caused by HQXing.
HQXing can be freely distributed as long as it is not modified and there's no charge for it. Commercial distribution requires my consent. Please contact me!

Thanks to Masayuki Ozawa, Nagisa Siowatari and everyone using HQXing!

Release Notes
* 1.3f2(2000/02/04)
- Fixed a few bugs when finding a selected destination folder or volume.
* 1.3f1(2000/02/03)
- Added "Always Use" option in "Preferences..." dialog box.
- Added a different cursor for conversion process.
- Minor cosmetic changes in menu items and dialog boxes.
- Added a few error messages when converting.
* 1.2(2000/01/16)
- Minor cosmetic changes in dialog and alert boxes, again.
- Added a few error messages when replacing.
* 1.1(2000/01/12)
- Minor cosmetic changes in dialog and alert boxes.
* 1.0(2000/01/10)
- Final release.

Please send me details of any problems you encounter, giving details of your computer and System version. Also please let me know your suggestions to make HQXing even more useful and powerful!



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