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June 98.

©98, DouWère.
Program by Frédéric Blondiau.

The latest version of this read me file should be available at

* Description

The MakeSMI application is a small drag and drop utility to create self mounting images (".smi" files).

Just drop a disk image (an ".img" file, created by drop disk) onto the MakeSMI application.

* Requirements

The MakeSMI utility should run natively on any Macintosh or Power Macintosh running System 7 or MacOS 8.

MakeSMI needs to get an existing self mounting image from your hard disk... such as QuickTime 3.smi, Mac OS 8.1 Update.smi or Location Manager 2.0.1.smi found at

MakeSMI does not change the dropped image file... be sure you have enough free space for the self mounting image on your hard disk to avoid the disk full error message (error -34) !

* Price

MakeSMI is freeware.

WARNING : The self mounting images contain some code from publicly available self mounting images (.smi files) from Apple Computer. Use accordingly.

* Contact

Please, send your impressions, suggestions and/or the description of problems you've had with this program to Frédéric Blondiau at and be sure to check for latest versions and more infos on

Petit Bioleux, 24
B-4122 Plainevaux

Fax: +32 4 371 29 75

English is a language I don't speak natively, I apologize for any mistakes. Long life to MacOS!

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