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HQXer 1.1 by John Stiles

HQXer allows you to decode and encode BinHex archives in the most efficient way ever possible. Before, working with BinHex files required either excessive effort or a lot of waiting, and always involved a hassle. Now, that's all changed.
Installation: You can place the HQXer program wherever you want. System 6.0.7 is required, and System 7.0 (or higher) is recommended. If your System file is below version 6.0.7, HQXer will not be able to start, and will quit immediately.
Distribution: HQXer is freeware, meaning that you can copy it freely among your friends. Just follow that simple rules, so that everyone can enjoy HQXer.
Please don't distribute HQXer without this accompanying documentation file! Also, do not distribute modified versions of HQXer. HQXer or any such derivations of HQXer may not be sold for profit or given away as any type of incentive without the author's express permission.
Usage: To decode a file from its BinHex archive, you can:
a) Select "Decode..." from the File menu. You will be prompted to select a file to extract.
b) Drag its icon onto HQXer. (This only works under System 7.)
Either way, you will see a dialog similar to the following:

To encode a file, creating a BinHex archive, select "Encode..." from the File menu. You will then be prompted to select a file to be encoded.
Clicking "Skip" will skip the current file within the BinHex file, and continue searching the archive. Clicking "Stop" will abort decoding of an entire BinHex file. (The "Skip" and "Stop" buttons both do the same thing while encoding.)
Preferences: To choose your preferences, select "Preferences..." from the File menu. The following dialog will appear:

"Delete source file" controls whether a BinHex file will be deleted after its contents have been fully decoded. (However, as a safety precaution, it will not erase any file after it has been encoded into a BinHex archive.)
"Delete partial files" will delete any files which HQXer was not able to fully complete, due to errors or a file corruption.
"Allow background tasks" allows you to choose whether HQXer will allow you to work while files are being extracted. If "Allow background tasks" is on, you will be able to work in other applications while HQXer extracts. If it is off, you will not be able to change programs. However, you will see a significant speed increase if you leave background tasks off. (With background tasks off, HQXer will use all memory available to it, whereas turning it on only allows for a small amount of memory for HQXer's use.)
"Include LFs" refers only to encoding of archives. It will include linefeed characters in encoded archives. (Linefeed characters are only needed on PCs and a few terminals, so this option rarely needs to be used.)
Credits: HQXer would not be where it is today without its incredible beta testers. Each of them has spent hours testing buggy HQXer features to deduce problems and report inconsistancies to me. They have ensured that only bugfree versions of HQXer ever see the light of day.
Questions? If you have any questions, comments, ideas or bug reports, please send them to "" (Internet) or "JohnStiles" (America Online). I will try to set everything straight for you.
If you like HQXer, please send me a note. I'd be happy to hear from you!
Thanks for using HQXer. John Stiles
u~decodeDecodinghis only works under System 7.)
The file should then decode, and you will see a progress dialog monitoring completion of the task. If background tasks are being allowed (see Preferences for more info), you can switch back to another program and work, although other programs will slow down while HQXer is decoding.
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fi If you want to skip one file within the entire BinHex archive, click "Skip."
Select a file, and it will be encoded and placed in the same directory as the original file, with the extension '.hqx' added to the file's name. folder If you try to encode an alias, the BinHex archive will appear in the folder of the actual file, not the alias.
wever, as a safety precaution, HQXer will never erase original files after encoding them into an archive.unfinished corrupted or unusablely complete, due to errors or HQXer will allow itself more buffer space if you deactivate background tasks, which speeds up disk access considerably.)
"When a file is dropped on HQXer..." lets you select whether a file will be encoded or decoded when it is dropped on HQXer. Usually, this should be set to decode, but in case you want to encode many files, you may wish to change this.
"Creator type" allows you to set the "creator" of archives made by HQXer. This should usually be set to "HQXer." This option is useful by allowing archive headers to be modified in your favorite text editor or word processor after a file is encoded. However, never edit the actual contents of a BinHex archive-it will be irreversibly damaged. I may be contacted by e-mail to discuss such possible ideas or collaborations. ssible ideas or collaborations.
Note: If the archive is has more than one file in it, HQXer will stop in the middle of decoding and prompt for the next file. Simply select the next file in the archive and HQXer will continue. (If you select the files out of order, HQXer will not be able to decode the file.)or don't select the next part when prompted, completeconsists of multiple parts,whiletopart of the archivesharewareHowever, if you like HQXer or use it for more than 30 days, you need to pay the shareware fee, which is $10. Keep shareware alive by paying the shareware fee. Simply send $10 to:
John Stiles
8800 St. Cloud Ln.
Bakersfield, CA 93311
Then you can be a registered user of HQXer and can stop feeling guilriertß7WÑåß"Æ! '56Vhim^QTVYoÉÖóôöúÆYen'Y^iwäï$/ 5 G^-@
@0ty about stealing this program. (And no, I'm not getting rich off this-I've only received one shareware payment in my entire life!)
ty about stealing it.
Restrictions Etc.:Do notaccompanying documentation file.HQXer is freely distributable in non-profit situations. If you keep HQXer for more than 30 days, you must pay the $10 shareware fee. Neveror changed to the authorthat's all changed!informationinconsistencieswill inform you of this, and then return to the Finder If your System version is below 6.0.7, I strongly urge you to upgrade to 6.0.7 or 7.1 now.recommend that youq@BË'qP^^++^^^^%^lyç$.Go.ã >> " Y Æ ç
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