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About MB Stripper

Revision: 1.1.3
Issued Date: May 16 1994
Modified Date: September 20 1994
Publisher: Fumio Rokkaku

1. What is MB Stripper

The MB Stripper is a utility program that converts MacBinary files into natural Macintosh file format.

Macintosh has a unique file system that isn't found in any other computers. It has two file streams, data fork and resource fork, and it has file creator and type information in addition. The aim of MacBinary is carrying those Macintosh specific data into other computers' general file systems, by stuffing dual-stream data into one stream. The author doesn't know further technical details or historical backgrounds. Please ask your nearest authority.

Normally, the user doesn't have to be aware of MacBinary. Although it greatly participates in computer networks in behind-the-scenes, it doesn't appear in front of the user because the networking/terminal programs or archive utilities automatically convert it when transferring Macintosh files.

Sometimes MacBinary appears, however, by some sort of wrong conversion proceduressome or in unavoidable situations. You can't use such files in Macintosh world. In that case, the MB Stripper helps you by converting the files into natural Macintosh format.

MacBinary contains extra header added by MacBinary encoder and two primary bodies, data fork and resource fork. The MB Stripper strips the unnecessary header part and extracts essential bodies. That's the reason I named it "Stripper."

2. How to use it

2.1. Drag and Drop

If you use System 7, you can use the MB Stripper by common "Drag and Drop" operation.
Just drag and drop your MacBinary file onto the MB Stripper icon on the Finder screen. Then the MB Stripper will read the MacBinary file, create a new file according to the MacBinary header information and retrieve data and resources into the new file.
From the version 1.1, the MB Stripper allows you to drag folder. In that case, the MB Stripper checks all the files in the folder and then if there are any MacBinary files, it will try to retrieve them. It doesn'nt search , however, the folders in the folder recursively.

The MB Stripper checks the dropped file whether if it's a MacBinary beforehand. You won't get a wrongly converted file even if you drop a natural Macintosh file. (The author has tried to write the MB Stripper to do so. In case it failed, please let me know how it went wrong.)

2.2. Press "Open" button on the main window

The MB Stripper can work under System 6 although you can't drag and drop, unfortunately.
Launch the MB Stripper by double-clicking and press "Open" button to select a file you wish to strip.
Of course this operation is available under System 7 as well. You can also select a folder using the "Select" button in the file select dialog under System 7.

2.3. Select "Open..." of the "File" menu

This operation is identical to the "Open" button.
You can also use "Command + O" shortcut. You can even abbreviate just pressing "O" key.

3. Are there any options

The MB Stripper offers you two kinds of option. You can let them active using dedicated check boxes.

3.1. Show File Info
If you check it, the MB Stripper will show you a dialogue box and ask you to strip it beforehand.
If you feed non-MacBinary file, the MB Stripper will show you an alert and it won't strip the file in anyway.
The default setting is on.

3.2. Trash Original (Delete Original)
If you check it, the MB Stripper will remove the MacBinary file after stripping it.
Under System 7, it doesn't delete the file but move it into trash. Under System 6, however, you'll see "Delete Original" in the check box and the MB Stripper just deletes the file.
The default setting is off.

4. On what Macintosh it works

The MB Stripper works on Macintosh Plus or greater. Required system is 6.0.7 or later. I recommend you System 7 so that you can drag and drop.

The MB Stripper doesn't include Power Macintosh (PowerPC) Native Code. I think it works quickly enough under the emulation mode because of its simple features. I will consider, however, applying to PowerPC if you feel you absolutely need it.

The following is the machines I could confirm the MB Stripper works properly.

Macintosh Plus with System 6.0.7 and KanjiTalk 6.0.7
Macintosh SE/30 with KanjiTalk 6.0.7
Macintosh IIcx with KanjiTalk 7.1
Macintosh IIci with KanjiTalk 6.0.7 and KanjiTalk 7.1
Macintosh Classic II with KanjiTalk 6.0.7
Macintosh IIvx with System 7.1 and KanjiTalk 7.1
Macintosh Centris 610 with KanjiTalk 7.1
Macintosh Centris 660AV with KanjiTalk 7.1
Macintosh LC475 with KanjiTalk 7.1
Macintosh PowerBook 160 with KanjiTalk 7.1
Macintosh PowerBook 165c with KanjiTalk 7.1

5. How much pay for it

The MB Stripper is a freeware program. You can use it without any charge.
You can also copy it and deliver it without permission of the author as far as you use it for your personal purposes.

Note that the author reserves all copyrights of the MB Stripper. Under the copyright lows, the author prohibits the following manners.

* To use the MB Stripper for commercial purposes such as selling and lending without the author's permission.
* To modify or revise the MB Stripper without the author's permission.

The author's request:
If you distribute the MB Stripper through a commercial network, please inform the author either beforehand or afterwards.
Attach always this document when you distribute the MB Stripper.

6. Where to send requests or bug reports

Please send your messages to the following address via E-Mail or traditional mail.

E-Mail Address:

Posting Address:
Fumio Rokkaku
1158-3-106, Hatsuoi-cho
Hamamatsu, Shizuoka
JAPAN Postal Code 433

7. Technical information

The MB Stripper supports both MacBinary I and II formats. However, some MacBinary II enhancements are ignored such as "Get Info Comments" or "Secondary Headers". I don't think they are so important because I didn't find any MacBinary files that includes such enhancements.

Developing Tool: THINK C 7.0.3
Developing Environment: Macintosh IIvx with System 7.1.1 and Japanese Language Kit

8. Other comments

Nothing sepcial in here.

9. Revision history

Version 1.0: May 16 1994
The first release of the MB Stripper
Version 1.0.1:
Fixed window update bug.
Stricter MacBinary header checks.
Version 1.0.2: June 18 1994
Tolerate incomplete MacBinary II files.
Version 1.1: August 20 1994
Added folder dragging and dropping.
Added progress window.
Version 1.1.1: August 23 1994
Fixed bus error problem when opening file select dialog.
Version 1.1.2: September 3 1994
Located default window position on main screen
when using two or several monitors.
Version 1.1.3: September 20 1994
Fixed problem of window frame under System 6 color environment.
Quickened window redrawing under System 6.

10. Special thanks

I would like to express my thanking to the following persons. They greatly helped me when developing and releasing the MB Stripper.
Especially, Mr. Takahiro Sumiya has been supporing me a lot with his technical knowlegde.

Technical Advises:
Takahiro Sumiya (
Tetsuya Mizutori (

MacBinary Documents:
Yoshiharu Honjo (

MacBinary Information:
Yasuichiro Yamaguchi (

11. Copyright notice

MB Stripper ©1994 Fumio Rokkaku
All Rights Reserved.

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