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Yet another disk image mounting application.
version 1.0b5

Copyright © 1994, Apple Computer, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
by Mike Wiese and Chris Cotton.

DropDisk is distributed "as is" and unsupported by Apple or the authors. Please don't call Apple or the authors for technical support on this program.

Lets you mount disk images on the desktop. The images can even be located on a AppleShare server!
Supported types:
Read Only: DiskCopy image files.
Writeable: files of type 'hdrv'.

Requires System 7 or later.
PC Exchange is required to mount DOS floppy disk images.
The disk image files must not be compressed with any background compression (no AutoDoubler, StuffIt SpaceSaver, etc.).

Just drag the disk image files you want to mount onto the app.
Hold down the shift key to mount writeable disks (see above) as locked (read only).

* you can mount as many disks as you want all at once, unlike MountImage
* mounted disks use practically no RAM (a few K), unlike MungeImage
* heavily fragmented image files still work, unlike DiskDup+

Known Problems
Why 1.0b5? That's because it has not been fully tested, and there are known bugs, like
* trying to mount disk image files that are on disks mounted with DropDisk causes your machine to hang

Having said that, we have mounted the System 7.5 Install Disks from an AppleShare server and successfully installed the system. We predict pretty soon, Net Install folders will be history.

Future Plans
* Support for multiple partitions in a file.
* Ability to convert between DiskCopy and 'hdrv' file types
* AppleScript support.
* More user interface!

Bugs? Suggestions?
Send reports to Mike Wiese,

Revision History
* 1.0b5
Fixed bug that prevented mounting more than 20 disks in one drag and drop on the app.
* 1.0b4
Can mount disk images made by DiskDup+
New cooler icons.
Took the bullet out of the name.
* 1.0b3
Changed name due to a conflict with Bill Steinberg's MountEm FKEY. Oops.
Added small icons.
Fixed bug in growing the unit table where I was writing past the end of a data structure. Fortunately, growing the unit table is rarely required - at least no one reported this problem.
* 1.0b1
First public release.

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