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Acrobat Reader
Allows you to browse portable document format (PDF) files that have been created by Adobe Acrobat. This latest version includes a new Web Buy feature. This feature allows you to download encrypted files from the Web and unlock them to read on your computer or reading device. With Web Buy, you can purchase and view digital content that has been produced by publishers using Adobe PDF Merchant. The Web Buy feature will transmit information about your computer to Adobe servers when you try to view or purchase documents created using PDF Merchant. This information includes, but is not limited to, your internal computer ID, your storage device ID, and, in certain circumstances, your logon name. You will be warned if additional information is required. Your initial connection to the content provider's server will not be secure, and this information will be sent unencrypted over the Internet. This process does not occur when viewing normal, non-encrypted PDF files. Go to homepage.
Acrobat Reader 4.05 (6.5 MB)
Anonymous Cookie
This application hides your cookies from your web browser, allowing you to present yourself anonymously to the World Wide Web. It also locks out your cookie files so your browser can't accept any new cookies, regardless of how you have set the preferences. Anonymous Cookie supports these browsers: Netscape Navigator 2,3 and Internet Explorer 2,3 and AOL 3.0
Anonymous Cookie (127 KB)
AOL messenger
The ubiquitous instant messenger, now with stock tracker option, Go to this page to read more about it
Download (2.6 MB)
BBEdit FTP 2.0.1
A plug-in that turns your BBEdit Lite into a FTP tool for uploading and downloading files (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Also available here
BBEdit FTP 2.0.1 (60 K)
Better Telnet
Telnet client (to access Unix or Linux from your Mac) based on the NCSA Telnet client but with more features. Screenshot. Homepage.
Better Telnet 2.0 FAT (372 KB)
Puts a small window that keeps track of your IP address. Homepage.
BluIP 1.1 (609 KB)
A simple POP3 email client that will periodically check whether you have waiting email. ConMail is also a launcher for some of the most frequently used Internet related applications. Lastly, it is a PPP dialer for those who use modems. Read me file (MacOS 8.5 and above). Homepage for more information and screenshots.
ConMail 1.7.0 b1 (489 KB)
Cookie Cutter
Gives you more control of the MagicCookie file. It allows you to selectively remove cookies that have been placed in your MagicCookie file. You can also set Cookie Cutter to automatically remove cookies from particular sites (domains), each time you use it, and to always ignore cookies from other domains. Read me file. Screenshot.
Cookie Cutter (172 KB)
Cookie Edit
Netscape Cookie Reader and Editor. Edit your cookies to "anonymize" yourself. Screenshot.
Cookie Edit (516 KB)
A search software that works from your hard disk, employing 10 internet search engines
Download (1.53 MB)
Digest Viewer
An application that displays e-mailing list digests in a more convenient and easy-to-use form. It is compatible with dozens of different digest formats. Screenshot
Digest Viewer (772 KB)
This little application allow you to import your E-mail addresses from Claris Emailer to Qualcomm Eudora (Hypercard Player Required, download Hypercard Player here) Screenshot. Homepage.
Emailer2Eudora v.1.1 (80 KB)
The professional edition of Eudora mail client is now available free of charge. To keep it free, this version comes with advertising banners. To remove the banners, you will have to pay to upgrade to the bannerless version. Download page.
Eudora Pro 4.3
Eudora Light
The ubiquitous email client
Excite Assistant
A small application that makes accessing's services (email, horoscope, weather, stock market, news etc) a breeze. Screenshot. You can also download the free ISP client here (MacOS 8.0 and later except 8.5 and 8.5.1).
Excite Assistant (596 KB)
Excite Chat
Can chat in a virtual world, which makes any Web page into a chat room. Every person can have an avatar, which is a picture that you choose to visually represent yourself. You can view the Web and chat at the same time or organize Web tours with this chat program (PPC and 68k)
Download (PPC, 2.1 MB)
Download (68k, 2.2 MB)
For users of Netscape without 128 bit encryption. You can download this to 'fortify' your browser to give it 128 bit encryption ability. Works on Netscape 4.06 until the latest. Homepage.
Fortify 2.2.6 (528 KB)
FreeiNet Client
Install this software to get free internet access (serviced area in US only, listed here). More information here.
FreeiNetClient 1.2 (2.5 MB)
A peer to peer networking client that can allow various types of file transfers. Java based, and requires at least MRJ 2.2 to run. Screenshot. Homepage.
Furi (4.4 MB)
Gerry's ICQ
A great ICQ client, with file transfer ability and no time limitation. Go the to download Gerry's ICQ (available in many different languages)
Download from its' homepage
Read me file
Green lets you work with several mail accounts over different connections at the same time, allows you to share one machine with other people without each person needing a private copy of the program. Each person can define a personal mail environment, and password protect it against unwanted access to personal mail. Free for personal use (PPC only). Registration required. Screenshots (toolbar, new message, mailbox)
Green 1.0b8.1 (921 KB)
Hotline Client
Client for the Hotline Connect - client/server for file hosting/chat environment network system
Download (4.8 MB)
(registration required, please go to this page)
Another hotline client. Screenshot. More screenshots and information available at the homepage.
HTLx Client 1.0b17 PPC (807 KB), 68k
HTML Viewer
HTML Viewer is a simple hypertext viewer, or "browser". It is ideal for reading HTML files that you have downloaded. It runs on less than 500 KB on board memory (why start up Netscape or Explorer just to read a simple HTML file). It has great support for gifs and jpgs but none for tables. HTML files with tables will be displayed automatically in a transposed format. Read me file. Screenshot.
HTML Viewer 1.2.2 (209 KB)
An internet browser that fits into one floppy disk!! Currently in its preview release. Although the final product will be shareware, the developers said a lite freeware version will still be made available. It is a great browser. Fun and different. Check out the screenshot of the iCab that i am using (changed the icons). There is also an option to filter out banners which can actually increase browsing speed. There are versions for both PPC and 68k Macs. Versions in other languages are also available. Check out the homepage for more details.

Users of MacOS 8.1 and earlier, please turn off navigation services in the preferences panel for more stability. Check out the screenshot.

iCab 2.1 (1.2 MB)
iDisk Mounter
An Applescript that mounts an iDisk on your desktop. Works even for pre MacOS9. Read me file (iDisk account). Homepage.
iDisk Mounter (33 KB)
Internet Explorer
The alternate browser from Microsoft
Choose the version of your choice
Internet Launcher 1.1.3
A replacement for the Apple "Connect To..." program bundled with Mac OS 8. Internet Launcher operates faster and provides a lot more functionality than the original utility. Internet Launcher can interpret and save URLs in Netscape and Microsoft formats, and lets you create stand-alone Internet Shortcuts (mini-applications that work regardless of whether Internet Launcher is installed) (PPC and 68k, Internet Config required). For the latest update or if you have trouble downloading from this link, go to the homepage
Download (132 K)
Read me file
Puts a small window that keeps track of your IP address. Homepage.
IP-showcase 1.0 (304 KB)
iTimer FAT (940 K), PPC (670 K), 68k (460 K), An application for regulating the usage of an internet connection on one computer. It supports multiple users and is fully administrable. It can be used for regulating the use of internet connections for one computer which has many users. You can download them here. Read me file
Download page

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