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Gerry's ICQ

Hi, just a note to help you get started using the finest ICQ client for the Macintosh available today ;)

First of all, here are the requirements:
@ Appearance Manager
@ Drag Manager
@ Thread Manager
@ Open Transport 1.1 or later
@ If you're running MacOS 8.0 or later, all these things SHOULD be installed and it SHOULD work. (crossing my fingers).

* If you are already a user of Mirabilis's ICQ client, you can use your account in Gerry's ICQ too.
You must first get your ICQ Number from the Mirablis client.
Then launch Gerry's ICQ and chose Use Existing user... from the file menu.
You will be prompted for a filename to save your user data file as.
Then enter your ICQ Number and password, and it will log you into the server.

* If you are a new ICQ user, then select Create New Profile... from the file menu.
A window will appear letting you enter all your personal info. Make sure to specify a password or it won't let you continue.
When you're ready, press the Save button, and it should log you in and save your info.
Then you can add people to your list that you wish to communicate with using the Find/Add Users window.

You will have to manually add all the people in your list.
You can search for them by name or email addres, or get their ICQ Numbers from the Mirabilis client (if you are already an ICQ user).

After you've added all your contacts to your list, it works similar to the Mirabilis client.
You can CONTROL-CLICK on each person in your list to see what functions you can perform on them.

Open the preferences window (from the Edit menu) to set the default user that is automatically loaded when the Gerry's ICQ is launched.
You can also set the sounds for incoming messages, file transfer complete, and the Chat beep sound to any sound you choose. It will only play System 7 sound files (the ones that play from the Finder when you double-click them).

Some not-so-obvious features:
* To send Mass mesages, just select the people you want to send the message to, and double click them (or use the contextual menu, or the Actions menu).

* You can 'press' the Send button when composing a message using OPTION-RETURN or ENTER.

* You can 'press' the quotation button when composing a message which is a reply to another message by pressing COMMAND-". (I hope this works on non-american keyboards!).

* To use the Windows(TM) Character Translation, you must turn it on using the Actions menu and select "Settings..."

* To select only the users who are online, press SHIFT-COMMAND-A.

* Opening a user file with the COMMAND key held down will prevent the user from being automatically logged in. (This works when launching the application too.)

My email address is:

And if you would like to support my work, you can send something nice to:
Gerry Beggs
214-2245 Portage Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
R3J 0L9

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