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OnTime 1.0 PPC

What It Is
OnTime is an application for regulating the usage of an internet connection on one computer. It supports multiple users and is fully administrable.

How Much Does It Cost?
OnTime is completely freeware. You have to pay nothing to use the software, but it is appreciated if you could email us your thoughts about OnTime and any suggestions you have. Feel free to distribute it among your friends and colleagues, and enjoy.

Installation Instructions
All you need to do is double click on the OnTime 1.0 PPC Installer and follow the onscreen instructions.
NOTE : The first time you use OnTime, the administration password will be blank.
It is recommended that you change it, and keep your password in a safe place you will remember.

* Mulitple users each with their own time limit and name.
* Global time limiting.
* Automatic internet connection and browser launching.
* Easy to use MacOS 8 interface.
* Complete log of every connection made by each user with date and time connected.
* Low RAM requirements, and stable background capabilities.

Contact Information
This product is in no way supported, and Sankt Software holds absolutely no responsibility for any damage caused by it. However, we would appreciate if you could pass on any bug reports, comments, suggestions or queries about Sankt and it's products by sending email to
or by visiting the Sankt website at

The installer for this product was created using Installer VISE from
MindVision Software. For more information on Installer VISE,

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Lincoln, NE 68521-8913

Voice: (402) 477-3269
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