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BBEdit FTP - Read Me

Changes from 2.0 to 2.0.1

* Fixed all known bugs.
* Can handle larger directores (the limit is approx. 5400 files in a single directory).

NOTE: when using BBEdit FTP with BBEdit Lite, set the preferred BBEdit Lite memory requirement to at least 700K (in Get Info). BBEdit Lite will terminate if you open BBEdit FTP when the preferred size is set to the suggested size (450K).

What this is

BBEdit FTP is an extension to the BBEdit text editor for easy access to local network text files. The same thing can be achieved using more advanced FTP client software like Fetch or Anarchie, however, BBEdit FTP has some advantages:

- it is faster
- it is more easily at hand while working with BBEdit
- it has a standard get/put file dialog interface
- it can create folders
- it can delete files and folders
- it understands more directory listings

BBEdit FTP has some disadvantages as well:

- it is modal
- it knows nothing about file types


First install BBEdit FTP by dragging the file "FTP" to your BBEdit Extensions folder. Launch BBEdit and choose FTP... from the Extension menu. In the right dialog panel, type the host name or IP dot address, your login account name and password, then click the Connect button. (Use a blank account name for anonymous FTP; the password, if any, is not sent in this case.)

When the connection has been established, the file and folders in the directory that you visited most recently are listed in the left dialog panel. To go directly to another folder choose Directory... from the folder pop-up menu and type the path to the folder. Use ".." to go to the parent folder, "~" to go to your home catalog and "~user" to go to another user's home catalog.

To get a file: select the file in the file and folder list and click the Get button.
To put a file: type the file name below the file and folder list and click the Put button.

Keyboard shortcuts:

Command+D: open directory goto dialog
Command+N: open New Folder dialog
Command+I: open Get Info dialog

Other info


- is freeware
- is accelerated for PowerPC
- works with BBEdit Lite and commercial BBEdit
- requires MacTCP and MacOS version 7.0 or better

Copyright (c) 1995-96 Erling Johansen. Portions copyright (c) 1995 Northwestern University. Thanks to John Norstad. Thanks to Bare Bones Software.

Please send bug reports and feature wish lists to

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