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Internet Launcher 1.1.3

© Gabriele de Simone, 1998-99

Internet Launcher is a replacement for the Apple "Connect To..." program bundled with Mac OS 8. Internet Launcher operates faster and provides a lot more functionality than the original utility. Internet Launcher can interpret and save URLs in Netscape, Microsoft and Mac OS 8.5 formats, and lets you create stand-alone Internet Shortcuts (mini-applications that work regardless of whether Internet Launcher is installed).

System Requirements
Internet Launcher will run on any Macintosh that has Internet Config, the Thread Manager and the Appearance Manager installed. Internet Config 2.0 is now incorporated into Mac OS 8.5 and the Thread Manager has been incorporated into Mac OS since version 7.5. The Thread Manager and the Appearance Manager are also available as individual extensions for users of previous versions of Mac OS. Versions of Internet Config prior to 2.0 will not work.

Conditions for Distribution
Internet Launcher is available free to the public. Please do not modify the program without my permission and please write me your suggestions for future improvements.

Author Information
I spend most of my spare time learning to write software for the Mac. You might have seen some of my other freeware projects (ePress/eCard, Internet Launcher) or the only commercial package I worked on (the ichat Pager). I am originally from the province of Naples (Italy). I moved to Austin, TX a couple years ago and left that wonderful city a few months ago to come to Boston. I am now attending Boston University, whose tuition will make me a lot skinnier and less prone to give software away for free. If you wish to make a donation for this program, offer me an interesting job for the summer or if you just want to send me a postcard (very appreciated), please use the following contact information:

Gabriele de Simone
45 Hemenway St, #2
Boston, MA 02115


New with version 1.1.3
* Updated documentation; improved URL parsing code; added option to save shortcuts in the Mac OS 8.5 format; fixed a bug where Internet Shortcuts (standalone apps) of the type ftp://user:password@host would not launch correctly. The Internet Shortcuts applications are now version 1.1 and reflect the functional improvements of Internet Launcher 1.1.x; minor changes to the interface layout.

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