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Download links checked: 30th December 2000

App Launched! is a less obtrusive and more useful substitute for Apple's launcher, plus has some flavorings from Applicon. This shareware is now released as freeware. No longer locked. This launcher is extremely stable, with options to place your tiles either horizontally or vertically. You can even set your own hotspot. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage to download. Click on AppLaunched, and from that page click download.
App Launched 2.0 (356 KB)
A control panel that helps you easily navigate through many windows. It adds a list of available windows off the Application menu at the top right corner in the menu bar(PPC and 68k). Also downloadable from here
Download (47 K)
Control Panels Strip
A control strip module that was originally designed to provide fast access to your Control Panels. Read me file (PPC and 68k French version also available). Screenshot. Homepage.
Control Panels Strip 3.3.1 FAT (33 KB)
CSM Maker
CSM Maker is the first application to let you easily make CSMs (Control Strip Modules) with the click of a button. CSM maker allows you to easily make CSMs to launch any application. Screenshot. Read me file. Homepage.
CSM Maker 1.0 PPC (451 KB), 68k version
Dock Manager 1.9
OS 8.5 tool to customize scroll arrows, App Switcher and Sherlock (OS 8.5 and above)
Download (839 K)
Finder Pop
Control Panel which improves and extends the Mac OS 8 Finder's Contextual Menus. It now makes it unnecessary to hit the control key to bring up the contextual menu. It adds various submenus to the Finder's contextual menus, including a Processes submenu, a Finder Windows submenu, a Contents submenu (allowing you to see the contents of a folder you've selected in the Finder), and of course the eponymous FinderPop submenu, which displays everything inside a special "FinderPop Items folder" (much like the Apple Menu displays everything inside the "Apple Menu Items" folder.) You can put aliases to apps, servers, folders, documents, etc., into the "FinderPop Items Folder", and they're instantly available for the price of a control-click in the Finder! (PPC only, and MacOS 8) (pintware). Go to the homepage for localized versions.
FinderPop (260 KB)
Mac OS implementation of the Alt-Tab feature to switch between applications. Go here to read more, and to download also (PPC and 68k)
Download (46 K)
A file browser and launcher similar to MacOSX, Greg's Browser, and Windows Explorer. There is a virtual folder to keep your favourite bookmarks. You can also get info, trash, find your files from this great freeware. There is even a small preview window for your files. Remember to increase the memory allocation for best performance especially if you have lots of files in a folder. (The manual is in Japanese, but it is a simple to use utility). Screenshot. Homepage (in Japanese).
MacShell 1.6.3 PPC (803 KB), 68k (819 KB)
Navi iRae
Provides a window title menu to navigate through file paths (MacOS 8.5 and above). Read me file. (for MacOS 8, download this version ) (what you want ware). Homepage
Download (82 K)
Open Using
A contextual menu plugin is used to open a file using an application other than the files creator, by taking advantage of MacOS 8's contextual menu. The plugin can also convert creator codes and file types to suit the chosen application (PPC only, Mac0S 8 and above). Read me file. Screenshot of open using utility at work
Open Using 1.5.1 (33 K)
A control panel including application palette, keyboard shortcuts for changing applications, and scroll bar appearance (MacOS 8.5 and above). Homepage . Read me file
Prestissimo (250 K) & manual (130 K)
Process Manager
A control strip module that allows you to view and switch with ease between your Mac's processes (running programs)
A software that allows you to control your computer (opening application etc) by just moving your mouse in a predesignated movement (you can set the movements). Screenshot. Homepage.
Sensiva 1.1 (1.8 MB)
A wonderful utility very similar to Sig Software's DropDrawers. A calendar and clock is included, and drawers for favorite applications, folders, utilities, and text. You can keep this window open, or set it to auto slide out when the mouse is over the pad. The ticks on the left side is actually time, and the color changes with time. It should be quite intuitive, mostly drag and drop. For the folders, you should paste different icons for better navigation (although the name of the folder is also included). The text section is for you to copy your frequently used text (although clippings don't seem to work in this release). Please increase the memory allocation. (Although the software and the manual is in Japanese, it is a simple to use utility, and it's free). Screenshot. Homepage (in Japanese).
SlidePad 0.7 (824 KB)
Switcher PowerUp
An application to spruce up your application switcher in MacOS 8.5 and later. Read me file (MacOS 8.5 and later).
Switcher PowerUp 1.3 (463 KB)
With Switch-It, you can use the keyboard to switch between applications. Useful to anyone who is looking for a user-friendly, reliable, simple yet powerful piece of software. Switch-It works under System 7.0 or later, and is distributed as freeware (PPC and 68k).  Read me and screenshots
Switch-It 2.1 (314 KB)
The Apper aka File Freak
Launch your applications with this. Read me file. Screenshot is here. On initial launch, it creates a database of all applications available. On your next run, by just typing a letter, a list of all applications starting with that letter appears. You can then launch your application
File Freak (196 KB)
Lets you switch to another application with a click on a tile. You can also tell another application to quit, or hide a tile from view. The tiles appear in a window which you can place anywhere. Read me file. Screenshot
TileSwitcher 1.2.3 (40 KB)
TMDC AppMenu
AppMenu adds an Apple Menu-like menu to the right of the clock in the menu bar. You can add all manner of items to it, including dividers. You can also reorder items, and open items' parent folders. For MacOS 8.5 or later. Homepage for more information and screenshot.
TMDC AppMenu (504 KB)
TMDC System Helper
An easy to use program which allows you to control the Application Palette, keyboard switching, and many other features of the system. For MacOS 8.5 or later. Homepage for more information and screenshot.
TMDC System Helper 1.0 (412 KB)
UltraLaunch allows you to schedule times and assign hot keys to launch any application or open any document or desk accessory, thereby giving them one-touch (or even no-touch) access
Download (212 K)
X Launch
A small launcher intended to be a "Better Apple Launcher". It occupies less desktop space than Launcher, has more customizable preferences, and includes the ability to reorder buttons, navigate folder contents via contextual menu, and bring the launch window to the front via a hot corner. Read me file (PPC and 68k, MacOS 7.5.3 or higher). Screenshots (preferences available, X Launch in action)
X Launch 1.42 (64 KB)

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