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Navi iRae 1.2.5

copyright (©) 1998, Jérome Foucher
address: Jérome Foucher, 2 rue du moulin, 28800 Dancy, France

This version is OS 8.5 specific. If you're using OS 8.0 or 8.1, you should use Navi iRae 1.2.5.

What does "Navi iRae" do?
Navi iRae lets you display the file's path of a ducment when you click and hold in the title of the document's window. It is an extension of the command+clic in a Finder's window. And Navi iRae displays also some information about the file, like size, date of creation and modification...

Navi iRae works like follows : it looks for a proxy associated with the window (feature introduced with OS 8.5). If it doesn't find one, it looks for all opened files with the same name as the window. And if it find no such file, it looks for a recently opened file with the same name.

* Mac OS 8.5 or better
* A PowerMac
* Apple Menu Options has to be installed (and the case "Recent Elements" checked)

Installing "Navi iRae"
To install Navi iRae, simply drag it over the active system folder then restart the Mac.

Bugs and comments
Send me bugs reports, comments, suggestions or simply questions by e-mail or mail.

"Navi iRae" is what-you-want-ware.
Please, if you decide to keep "Navi iRae", send me something (a postcard, an e-mail...). And if you really like it, you can register it for $5 from Kagi :

"Navi iRae" may be freely distributed via electronic bulletin boards, user groups and person to person. When distributed, all accompanying files are to be distributed too.
The latest version should be available on Info-Mac.
"Navi iRae" can be put on any other site or included on any CD-ROM, but please tell me if you do, so I can send updated versions when available.

Legal stuff
This software is provided "as is". Every effort has been made to ensure it will not cause any damage, but the author does not make any warranty. The author denies responsibility for any damage caused directly or indirectly by the software. Use it at your own risk. Some jurisdictions may not allow this limitation of the warranty, so it may not apply to you.

Version History

December, 1998: Version 1.2.5
In some applications that add some characters after the file name, Navi iRae could crash. Bug fixed. That bug forced me to create a version 1.2.4 for people that were not using OS 8.5.

December, 1998: Version 1.2.4
Navi iRae should work in more "old" applications (that do not use the platinum windows).

November, 1998: Version 1.2.3
Corrected a bug in the control panel.

November, 1998: Version 1.2.2
Added support for the new OS 8.5 window manager (in applications that correctly set the proxy FSSpec of their documents, Navi iRae will use this information to display the file's path).

October, 1998: Version 1.2.1
The command "Get Finder info..." now works with recently opened files.
Added modification keys for displaying the application's path instead of the file's path.
New control panel.

August, 1998: Version 1.2
Now Navi iRae looks for recently opened documents if it can't find an opened file whose name matches the window's one. It's useful in applications (like Photoshop, Illustrator...) that, when opening a file, copy its content in a temporary file, and then close the original file.

July, 1998: Version 1.1.4
Some cosmetic changes in the code.

May, 1998: Version 1.1.3
Removed the option to display the document kind because of a startup bug due to a problem with the library "TranslationLib".

May, 1998: Version 1.1.2
Fixed a big bug that could cause crashes at startup.
Applications that have their own menus when you command-click in a window's title no longer display their menu.
Added options for displaying the hour of creation and modification with the date.
Added "click & hold" option : no need to press the command key to display Navi iRae's menu. Just click, hold and wait... And it also works in the Finder !!

April, 1998: Version 1.1.1
Added options for displaying creation and modification dates in the menu.
Fixed a bug with Kaleidoscope that caused menus to use wrong colors.
Corrected support of Apple Events.
Fixed display problems in the control panel.

March, 1998: Version 1.1
Now if several files of the same name are opened, "Navi iRae" alerts the users and puts each file
path in submenus.
Handles applications that add some characters after the name of the file they have opened (eg.
ClarisWorks : "Untitled (TEXT)"...)
The look is the one used in the Finder.
"Navi iRae" handles odd title bars like the BeBox scheme in Kaleidoscope (actually it was already
implemented in version 1.0, but now it's even better).

January, 1998: Version 1.0
Inital Public Release

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