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Switcher PowerUp 1.3

freeware ©1998 Indigo Sky

Switcher PowerUp works with MacOS 8.5 or later's Application Switcher. Use it to access most of the Application Switcher's features. Most of the controls are fairly self explanatory and Switcher PowerUp has Baloon Help, so I won't waste too much time on the details here. Just turn on Baloon help if something looks confusing.

Switcher PowerUp is not a control panel. It's just an application, should cause no conflicts and can be placed anywhere you find convenient. However, if you drop Switcher PowerUp on your System folder it will be automatically placed in the Control Panels folder, which is a good place for it, I suppose.


MacOS 8.5 or later is required. AppleScript is required in order for Switcher PowerUp to automatically startup the Application Switcher. If you have AppleScript disabled you can still use Switcher PowerUp, but you'll have to start the Application Switcher manually, by dragging it from the Application menu, prior to launching Switcher PowerUp.


* When you use a position control the Anchor Point control may also change. This behavior is intentional. It assures that your Application Switcher Palette won't grow off the edge of the screen.

Release Notes

Version 1.0: Initial release.
Version 1.1: Renamed from AppSwitcher Control because another
app uses that name. Launch time speedup.
Version 1.1.1: Bug fix for crashing on key press input.
Fixed improper display of tab key.
Version 1.2: Added quit delay and constraint controls.
Version 1.2.1: Fixed a memory leak.
Version 1.2.2: Fixed a minor graphic anomaly.
Version 1.3: Removed hot key popup. Any key can now be chosen by
simply pressing that key.
Version 1.3.1: Sped up some operations. Cosmetic changes. The
panel is now small enough to fit 640 x 480 screens.
Version 1.3.2: Added tabs for more compact window size. Added
"Real" doubled scroll bars feature (in the Extra
Version 1.3.3: Fixed File type. Internal tweaks. Fixed flickering
Version 1.3.4: Was still using the original name in the about menu.
Hopefully fixed it to work on Finnish systems.
Version 1.3.5: Extras tab renamed Scroll Bars. Now can do any
combination of scroll bar arrow/thumb
configurations. Added detection of the Application
Switcher on Dutch and Italian systems.
Version 1.3.6: Fixed bug which prevented scroll thumb type from
being set.
Future Plans

* Remove dependency on AppleScript for launching.

Mitch Crane

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