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AppLaunched 2.0

App Launched! is a less obtrusive and more useful sustitute for Apple's launcher, plus has some flavorings from Applicon. This is a demo version. You can update this demo to the fully registered version by running the "Unlock AppLaunched" application, and paying the $10 registration fee.

Some of AppLaunched's features are:

* Drag and Drop support. Drag and drop files as you would in the Finder.
* Scriptable -- contains an demonstration script
* Show running application and/or your pre-defined application set.
* Small, fast and unobtrusive
* Tile arrangement is configurable
* Different tile styles to choose from

Quick Tips:

* To add an application, drag the application from the Finder onto the
AppLaunched tile.
* To remove an application, drag the application's tile to the trash.
* Tiles can also be added and removed via Applescript.
* To only show applications you've added (not all running applications),
open up Preferences and uncheck "Show running apps"
* To launch an application that is not running, double-click the applications tile.
* To have an application open up a document, drag the document to the
applications tile.

Possible Enhancements:

* When dropping documents on application, check to see if the application accepts drops of that type.

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