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Download links checked: 14th Jan 2001

Agax--14th Jan 2001
Agax is an antivirus application (for the SevenDust, CODE9811, AutoStart virus). It scans your disks and files for viruses. It also contains Defender, which is an antivirus extension. Both of these use Additives to discover and (in the case of Agax) repair infected files. Additives are stored in the folder 'Additives' in the same folder as Agax. Screenshot of Agax in action. Read me file (PPC and 68k).
Agax 1.3 (100 KB)
Disinfectant--13th Jan 2001
An antivirus utility that is no longer updated. Still great for scanning older viruses (PPC and 68k).
Download (154 K)
Read me file
Early Bird (now Worm Gobbler)--14th Jan 2001
A worm is somewhat like a virus - created with the intention of spreading rapidly, sometimes stealthily, and doing harm. Read me file. Screenshot of Early Bird in action. Homepage.
Early Bird (439 KB)
Eradicator--14th Jan 2001
Antivirus solution for a new virus is found which is called Desktop Print Spooler. Read me file.
Eradicator (4.5 MB)
GateKeeper--14th Jan 2001
Antivirus solutions for System 7 Macs. Read me file (68k).
GateKeeper (311 KB)
MerryXmas Vaccine--13th Jan 2001
This stack eliminates script based viruses which spread themselves by appending the scripts of other stacks with additional instructions which in turn infects every stack they come in contact with. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
MerryXmas Vaccine 4.3 (282 KB)

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