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Early Bird v1.1 - Autostart virus scanning utility

Provided as unsupported Freeware. You may pass this utility on to others(only
along with this Readme file), but please call and ask Jim Kreinbrink at
(303-333-5466) before otherwise distributing (via web page, etc.). Note that
we had so many inquiries about redistributing Early Bird v1.0x that we now
have special terms. See Early Bird's About box.


See Lineaux's web page at for information on the Autostart

To use the Early Bird utility,
1. open your Quicktime Settings control panel (If you do not have a Quicktime
Settings control panel, see the section below titled "Quicktime 2.0 users".)
Select the "autoplay" popup menu. Make sure "Enable CD-ROM Autoplay" is
unchecked. This will help prevent the virus from spreading. Audio Autoplay is

2. Restart with Extensions off by holding down the shift key.

3. Run the Early Bird Application. It will scan for and remove the virus files.

4. Restart. If Early Bird found any virus files, be sure to mount and scan
removable media. You can safely run Early Bird with extensions on, since Early
Bird would have already deleted the evil invisible Desktop Print Spooler and
Desktop Printr Spooler Extensions(Incidentally, a visible Extension named Desktop
Printer Spooler is legitimate).

5. Run your favorite hard drive diagnostic software. The worm modifies information
in the boot blocks of infected media Specifically, it modifies the boot block values
for the clipboard name. Run Norton Disk Doctor or Apple Disk First Aid
to fix.

NEW! Scans your Photoshop folder!
And remembers your Photoshop folder(s) between sessions! If you answer that
you have more than one Photoshop folder, it will remember that fact, too. Select
any folder to scan.

The Early Bird scanner scans for certain virus files based upon published reports
of the virus. If the virus files have been renamed or if a new strain of the
virus appears, Early Bird will not detect it. Early Bird can only be as accurate
as the published reports on the virus - This is why we are releasing it as
unsupported. If this utility is not working for you, simply use another one.

Early Bird is no substitute for a commercial Antivirus software package. Up to
date virus definition files and correctly set preferences are also important. See
our web page at for directions on setting up SAM.

Quicktime 2.0 Users:
If you do not have a Quicktime Settings control panel, get info on your Quicktime
extension (In the System Folder, Extensions folder). Quicktime v2.0 users can be
infected by the virus, and do not have an option to turn off the "CD-ROM
Autoplay" mechanism the virus is using to infect. Take the time now to update
your quicktime software to at least v2.5 at, then
follow the procedure outlined above.

Early Bird was created with Microbrew, a visual programming environment for
nonprogrammers. Creating applications with Microbrew is a fun, drag and drop
Email for more information on this excellent tool.

All products, name brands and trademarks are property of their respective

Launching the Early Bird application signifies your acceptance of this license.
The Early Bird application is provided on an "as is" basis, and all other
warranties and conditions, whether express or implied or collateral are
disclaimed, including, without limitation, non-infringement, compatibility, or
that the software is error-free, or that errors can or will be corrected. Early
Bird is unsupported freeware. Neither Lineaux, Inc. nor the software's author
shall be held accountable for any damage or misuse resulting from the Early Bird
software's use or distribution. Lineaux, Inc. and Jim Kreinbrink, the software's
author, specifically disclaim any implied warranties of merchantability and
fitness for a particular purpose. The user has the responsibility to inform
others under his/her employment, direction or control of the terms of this

Version history:

€ even more detailed checking - quite thorough.
€ checks Photoshop, Illustrator, and other
folders, too.
€ remembers folders. That's one smart Bird!
€ small changes to the log & its display
€ Deletes locked virus extensions files.
€ Detection of A, B, C, D, E & F variants
Will detect others, too, with the same names.
€ no more external suspects file.
€ enticing, colorful icon!

€ company info added
€ removed improper "virii" from logs and window
€ interface (buttons grey) enhancements
€ known bug - "concatenate" error if suspects file
is missing, renamed, lost, stolen or mangled.

1.03 - first public release
€ artwork & catchy name from lovely wife Lisa
€ some semblance of order in the windows
€ posted to Lineaux's web site
€ Scans for virus in RAM

€ New! Improved! Now less crappy!
€ Consolidated ugly logs into one huge one.
€ Added log of viruses detected.

€ UGLY, but works