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Eradicator v1.0.1
May 4, 1998
1998 All rights reserved.

Uptown Solutions Ltd.
Unit E&F, 16/F., China Overseas Building
139 Hennessy Road, Wanchai
Hong Kong SAR
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A new virus is found which is called Desktop Print Spooler. Although this virus can be removed manually using a resource editor, Eradicator is written to ease the process.


When infected, the computer will suddenly held up for a period of time then resumes normal operation. If you experience this phenomenon, your system may be infected by this virus.

What it affects:

The virus does not seem to do any harm to documents. However, it is extremely annoying. Some operations may be severely affected by it, though. E.g. scanning, video/audio generation, etc.

This virus only infects PPC Mac OS systems (7 & 8) with QuickTime 2.5 or above installed and with CD-ROM AutoPlay enabled. Windows is not affected.

How does it attack:

The virus masquerades itself as a desktop database document. Whenever a disk (floppy, MO, etc.) is mounted, QuickTime (with AutoPlay turned on) will try to run this document, thus infecting the system and all other mounted volumes.

When first infected, your computer will be restarted automatically. If you insert a disk and your computer restarts, your system is infected.

How to install Eradicator:

Copy the file Eradicator.sit to your hard disk. Expand it using StuffIt Expander. A folder called Eradicator Folder is installed.

How to run Eradicator:

Locate the application inside the Eradicator Folder. The application name is Eradicator. Double click on this application file will launch the program.


Click the Scan button to start scanning the mounted volumes. Eradicator will report what it finds in a window. If it finds the virus on any of the mounted volumes, it will attempt to fix it. If the attempt is successful, a placeholder will be put in place so that your computer is immune to future infection.

You can click the Stop button at any time to stop scanning. Closing the message window will quit Eradicator.

You should restart your computer right after Eradicator finishes it job. Then empty the trash if deemed necessary.

Removable volumes:

Since the virus infects your system whenever a disk is inserted and it restarts the computer right after infecting it, it is rather problematic to remove it from removable disks.

If you find a removable disk is infected, you have to first turn off QuickTime CD-ROM AutoPlay and restart with Extensions off. You can then insert the disks one by one, click the Scan button and let Eradicator fixes it.


This software belongs to Uptown Solutions Ltd. It is provided as freeware to the community as a service. You may distribute the file Eradicator.sit freely as long as it is in its entirety. The source code rights belongs to Uptown Solutions Ltd. exclusively.

Stand Disclaimer:

This software is provided as freeware. Uptown Solutions Ltd. does not warrant any of its functionality nor bear any liabilities whatsoever of its use. You are totally responsible for using this software.