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Address Pad
This program will help you manage addresses, phone numbers, email and homepage URLs of your friends. Read me file (PPC and 68k) Screenshot of main window, input window
Version 1.1.6 (426 K)
For the latest updates
Agenda is a little app. to memorize events. Events are displayed in a main list-window, and the classic actions to manage data basis (as delete, new, edit, sort, save, find, etc...) are supported. Events are simply defined as an Object ([lunch with Monica and Peter]), a Date ([May 12, 1997] or [Each Thuesday]) and an optionnal Note ([1:00 PM]). Agenda tells you at startup if an event becomes "active" with a softly sound. This period of "date activity cheking" (number of days after today) should be set in a preferences dialog, with other options. All datas and options variables are saved in the app. res file (i know it's not standard), so you don't have to worry about any datafile location (68k). Screenshots of main window, entry window and preference window. Homepage (lots of 68k freeware available here).
Agenda (99 KB)
An application for display of a yearly calendar. It computes and shows any years within the Julian and Gregorian calendar systems. Also, it calculates the number of week in three different ways, the number of day in year and the number of remaining days in year. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
AllDay 5.3 (132 KB)
A great software for aquarium enthusiasts (feedback ware). This software will help you keep maintenance log with lots of frills. Screenshot of a little of what this software can do.
Aqualog 3.0 (2.3 MB)
A time management software, where you can set your appointments, and set the reminder system for advanced or repeated reminders. Read me file (PPC and 68k) (Postcardware). Screenshot of main window, input window
Download v.3.5.1(82 K)
Base to Base
A small desktop accessory calculator (PPC and 68k). Screenshot.
Base to Base (7.1 KB)
A true budget program that helps you setup and live by your budget. You may write checks, make deposits, enter pays and balance your checkbook. See at a glance how much money you have in over 150 budget accounts and 25 investment accounts.Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshots! Homepage.
Budget (1.2 MB)
Calculator II
With trigonometric functions, functions for base 10 and natural logorithms and their inverses, hex-to-decimal and decimal-to-hex conversion, etc. The calculator also allows users to correct trailing digits of values entered on the display of the calculator through the use of a backspace key. A Ticker Tape is also provided to display the results of past calculations (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Screenshot of calculator.
Calculator II v.1.5 (99 KB)
Calendar Conversion
To calculate dates past and future, with the ability to convert dates between the Gregorian, Julian, and Jewish calendar systems. It is especially useful for historical research, genealogies, date planning, etc (OK for MacOS9 also). Click here for more information and screenshots.
Calendar Conversion v 2.1 (134 KB)
CardFiler is an index card program. It lets you create "cards" and search for them. In the Find field, enter a list of words separated by a space and CardFiler will find the card with all of those words (an AND search). You can have multiple card files. You can set the file that you want to use as a default and it will be opened when CardFiler is opened. You can also choose to have the default file opened or not.Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Card Filer (517 KB)
Keeps a list of bank account transactions in a list. Dynamically computes the current balance. Sorts by anything just like the Macintosh Finder. Allows classification of transaction types. Stores date, amount, your ref, my ref, type and comments with each transaction. Free, fully functional. Basic AppleScript-ability. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot of main window, input window, drop options)
Download 2.0 (FAT) (400 KB)
A personal finance application. Its primary purpose is to track your finances via your checking and savings accounts (PPC and 68k). Read me file (postcardware). Screenshots of types of accounts available, and entry window.
Cheque 2.0 (224 KB)
Contact Tracker
A stand-alone FileMaker Pro database application from Claris. Use this to keep your track of your contacts. Quality personal information manager, a little slanted towards business people. Screenshot.
Contact Tracker (1.2 MB)
Contract Timer
A simple, single-window app that is designed to help keep track of the time they devote to individual projects. The total time recorded and the time intervals worked during the day are separately tracked for each client and logged to separate files. Homepage. (MacOS 8.0 and above)
Download (434 KB)
A search software that works from your hard disk, employing 10 internet search engines
Download (1.53 MB)
Data Ratchet
A control strip module that automatically and instantaneously extracts critical information from web pages, email, or any other text document. Easy to use. In order to extract names, phone numbers, email addresses, or URL's from any body of text, the user needs only to highlight the nearby text, or even the entire text, and hit Cmd-C. Useful information is pulled out automatically by Data Ratchet and is immediately available to the user via the Control Strip. It can then be pasted into any other application or document. Very useful. Screenshots and more information are available here.
Data Ratchet 1.3 (112 KB)
A freeware to create simple and flexible databases. Import and export options as tab-text and HTML table is available. Read me file (PPC). Screenshots of initial field specification window, layout window, and final database window. Homepage.
EagleData (492 KB)
A financial calculator to help you convert European currencies into the Euro (PPC only?). Screenshot of main window. Visit homepage for latest updates
EuroCalc 1.0.1 (544 KB)
FM Egg Timer
A control strip module to set the timer for reminders 
Download (86 K)
Le Gestionnaire De Signatures
A software who helps you to manage your signatures. Read me file. Screenshot. Homepage.
Le Gestionnaire De Signatures (375 KB)
Mac's Cal
A simple calendar with facility for making notes for each day
Download (32 K) or try this link (48 K)
More 3.1
A capable PowerPoint like presentation software that uses outlining, and runs on less than 2 MB RAM!
Go to to download More
A standalone FileMaker application to catalog all the movies. Screenshot.
Moviefile@2000 (3.1 MB)
My Account
This is a personal checkings/savings account program, a free, simple way to keep track of your money. Right now the program is fully functional and very easy to use. 68k and PPC versions available. Please check out the homepage for new updates. Screenshots (initial window, main window, preferences available)
My Account 1.0b2 (392 KB)
This program is a simple Check book register equivalent.Screenshot. Read me file (emailware). Homepage.
myCheckBook 1.0 (536 KB)
An asset management solution to handle your graphic and cliparts. Myportfolio can tame the chaos with a system of personal asset management through easy to use cataloging
Download (registration required)
NateCo Tudoo
Manage your day with this to do list. There are check boxes and you can launch your internet browser to visit any webpage in your to do list. Screenshot. Homepage.
NateCo Tudoo (1 MB)
Page Thing
An applescript application to make webpage photo indexing, just a few mouse clicks worth. Latest: now updated to a full application. Good for keeping track of all your photographs too. Check out the screenshot. Read me file (charity ware). Homepage .
Page Thing 2 (557 KB)
Palm Desktop Software
Previously known as Claris Organizer. PPC only. Even if you do not have a Palm handheld, you can use this great personal information manager (just don't use the HotSync option as it is used to synchronise data between your Palm and computer). Screenshots of the Calendar, Contact window, Events window, Appointment window, and Short Notes. As you can see, definitely a value for money :-) Homepage.
Palm Desktop Software 2.6.1 (8.7 MB)
Places a small customizable calendar on your desktop. The calendar may be customized by changing the frame, background color, text color, font, and font size. You can also attach notes to specific days for past or future events, and have PandoCalendar automatically plot the days you work (OK for MacOS9 also). Click here for more information and screenshots.
PandoCalendar 5.0.1 (870 KB)
A programmable scientific calculator with easy to use bin - hex conversion. Read me file (PPC and 68k). Screenshot.
PCalc 1.0.2 (124 KB)
Personal Journal
A software to keep all your private thoughts, with a password system. You can also put pictures in your journal
Download (46.5 K)
Phylum for free
Catalog your pictures using this. File formats supported includes TIFF, PICT, JPEG, BMP (note: GIF not supported). Read me file (PPC only). Please go to this page to register for your serial number and code. Screenshot.
Phylum for free (3.7 MB)
Pic Viewer
A simple image management utility. Use PicViewer to view and manage folders full of images. Especially useful with a digital camera that download files with generic PeeCee lookin' names. Give your files real names and delete the ones you don't want. You can also export files using QuickTime.Read me file (PPC). Screenshot. Homepage.
Pic Viewer (517 KB)
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
A security software that enables encryption of emails to be sent, reading of encrypted emails received, and secure erasing of your hard disk free space. The link here is for the international freeware version. Click here to search for your own version 
Download (5.7 MB)
A programme which reads your stickies file (in the preferences folder) and displays a reminder dialogue for each stickie containing a date, if and when said date lies somewhere within the reminding preiod, which can be defined by yourself.
ReStickies 2.0 (369 KB)
Retriever Light
A powerful flat file database desk accessory (adware). Read me file (still works on MacOS8.1, later OSes uncertain). Screenshot.
Retriever Light (66 KB)
RPN Calculator
A Reverse Polish Notation Calculator. Screenshot. Homepage.
RPN Calculator 3.2 (95 K)
A replacement for Apples Scrapbook desk accessory. It adds features such as import/export, resizeable window, partial selection of text and pictures ,multiple scrapbooks, gallery view and more. Read me file. Screenshot.
Scrapz 1.3.2 DA (42 KB)
An utility which will help remember important meetings and launch applications at a certain time. It also can be used to manage applications to be launched at startup time. So forget all that hassle to make an alias and put it in the startup items folder. This application will do all that for you. Screenshots of both alert and application launching windows. Homepage for more information and to register. (PPC and 68k, MacOS 7.1 or later)
Scheduler 2.0 (381 KB)
Allows you to hide and reveal files and folders with a password. Read me file. Screenshot. Visit homepage for latest updates.
SECRETs 3.0b (361 KB)
A diary with password security. Read me file (PPC and 68k, mailware?). Screenshot. Homepage.
SimpleDiary 1.3.3 (484 KB)
Simple List 2.1
A window that lets you add items and categories to it in the form of a list. Use it for your to do list, your shopping list, or just any list of tasks that need to be kept in a handy place on your Mac (PPC only?).
Download (902 K)
Read me file
A program that enables you to keep track of stock purchases and sales transactions. This program allows you to see which shares of stock you have available to sell and how much you bought them for (Originally a shareware that is now unlocked and rereleased as a freeware according to CNet). Read me file (System 7 and later). Screenshots of purchase and sale options, types of overview available, and tools available.
StockTracker 3.1 (88 KB)
Times+ 1.2
A time keeper for prespecified tasks and projects
Download (273 K)
TimeZone HC
A hypercard stack that calculates the time in different parts of the world as opposed to a selected base zone or country. Visit the homepage for more information, screenshot, and latest update.
TimeZone HC 1.0.2 (84 KB)
Designed to help manage libraries, large or small, of multimedia content. Registration required.  Read me file (PPC only). Screenshots (main window, search options, preferences). Go to the homepage for pdf manual and latest updates.
UGather 2.2.3a (569 KB)
A free little app that helps you manage notes on current projects. "A better NotePad". Read me file (optional shareware: from the author "If you think it's worth $10, feel more than welcome to register, otherwise, enjoy it anyway!"). Screenshot. Homepage.
WorkReminder 1.2 (396 KB)

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