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Mac Freeware
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Download links checked: 14th January 2001

Bug Off--13th Jan 2001
BugOff provides a system startup password as well as a built-in screen saver with password dismissal. It allows for 2 passwords, the first being the system administrator or Owner which allows complete access to the system. The second lets users access the system with the exception of being able to open the preferences or have access to folders specified by the owner. It also provides a simple messaging system allowing users to send short messages to other people on their network. As a screen saver, it will not interrupt any background processing. Read me file (68k and PPC). Screenshots of preferences and options available, and the networking window.
Bug Off (128 KB)
Innocuous screen saver with password protection & Y2K countdown (PPC and 68k). Homepage.
Download page (112 KB)
Read me file
A drag-and-drop application where files and folders dragged onto the Burn icon will be overwritten a user selected number of times with a user selected pattern, then renamed, then deleted. Both data and resource forks are deleted. A variety of options allow you to configure the application to exactly the ease of use and security you need. No matter what options you select, your trash will be far more secure than if you used Apple's built in trash capabilities.Read me file. Also downloadable from the homepage.
Burn 2.5 (132 KB)
Free Guard--10th Jan 2001
Free Guard is a utility to hide files and folders. It is password protected at application startup. Nothing is encrypted, and someone could still make the files and folders visible without too much trouble. It is based on the "if they do not know its there, they wont look for it" theory. Read me. Screenshot. Homepage.
Free Guard 1.4 (1169 KB)
Pretty Good Privacy (PGP)
A security software that enables encryption of emails to be sent, reading of encrypted emails received, and secure erasing of your hard disk free space. (5.7 MB)
US & Canada
Startup Lock
Provides an easy and inexpensive (i.e. free) alternative to lock your computer. It is not going to be able to stop an experienced Macintosh troublemaker who is determined to get by it, but it will stop the casual Mac user who is not necessarily familiar with the way the system works (PPC and 68k). Read me file. Screenshots (control panel, setting)
Startup Lock 2.5 (748 K)
Zorba--13th Jan 2001
Zorba is a quick and dirty security program for use on Macs. It's function is to hinder unauthorized users from using a Mac, by demanding a password upon startup. If a correct password is not entered after 3 attempts, the program will attempt to ShutDown the Mac. Read me file (68k and PPC). Remember the default passwords (in the read me file) before starting up the application.
Zorba (35 KB)

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