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€ This file MUST accompany Zorba 1.0.2

What is Zorba?

Zorba is a quick and dirty security program that I wrote for use on our Mac network at work. It¹s function is to hinder unauthorized users from using a Mac, by demanding a password upon startup. If a correct password is not entered after 3 attempts, the program will attempt to ShutDown the Mac.

Since it is currently an application it *must* be made a startup application to provide security. It is suggested, though not required, that Zorba be the only startup application since some applications may prevent shutdown.

When using MultiFinder or System 7, you may want to launch Zorba when you step away from your computer for a few minutes, to lock others out. I use QuicKeys from CE Software to launch Zorba ³on top of² my current application with a single keystroke. ***Always save documents in all open applications before launching Zorba to prevent possible data loss if Zorba must ShutDown the Mac.***

System 7 users can place Zorba or an alias in the Startup Items folder to cause it to open when their Mac is started. Users of systems before System 7 need to select Zorba¹s icon and choose ³Set Startup² from the Finder¹s ³Special² menu to have it open when their Mac is started.

Features at a Glance

€ Attempts to ShutDown the Mac if the user cannot enter a correct password (after 3 attempts).

€ Optional masking of password characters as they are typed.

€ Allows 3 passwords to be defined (regular, master, and admin) that are encrypted to prevent discovery by snoopers using resource editors like ResEdit.

€ Standard command key equivalents can be used to cut, copy, and paste text; and pressing the tab key selects all text.

€ Optional hiding of the desktop (useful when using MultiFinder or System 7).

€ Optional built-in screen saver after 60 seconds of inactivity

€ Optional tab delimited TEXT or Rich Text Format (RTF) log of invalid or valid access attempts (differentiating between regular and master passwords), which is placed in the Preferences folder in the System Folder.

€ Optional warning if it is more than 30, 45, or 60 days since the regular password was changed.

€ System 7.0 compatibility, including Balloon help (click on the upside-down balloon).

Password and Preferences Editing

When choosing passwords, think sneaky. Zorba¹s passwords are case and space sensitive and may be up to 255 characters long. Try to use words or phrases that cannot be guessed easily. A person¹s first name or initials are examples of weak passwords. A pair of easily remembered, unrelated words (weasel ship) or words with unusual capitalization (wiNd) or words with unexpected ($jon) punctuation can be very effective.

The way we use Zorba at work is to allow each users to pick a password to use as the REGULAR password. Each work group leader picks a password to use as the MASTER password for that group. The ADMIN password is known only by our support personnel.

To change a password or program preferences, launch Zorba and enter the password to be changed. Then hold down the command, option, and shift keys and select the OK button. A new window will appear in which you can enter the new password:

€€€ The current REGULAR password is: $jpw
€€€ The current MASTER password is: ZorbA
€€€ The current ADMIN password is: lasagna

Select the ³Prefs² button to edit program preferences:


Since it is an application, it loads after INITs, which means it is possible to access a computer using Zorba from another Mac via a network software like TOPS or via file sharing under System 7.

Zorba can be bypassed by starting from a floppy disk or by disabling extensions under System 7 (press the shift key during startup). However, this could be considered a feature if you¹ve forgotten all passwordsŠ

Zorba appears to sometimes have a problem accessing the ShutDown routine when more than one application is made startup on Macs using a Radius monitor with the Radius software enabled.

Zorba does not appear to be able to store new passwords or prefs if it is compressed by some versions of AutoDoubler. It should work fine if it is not compressed.


Zorba is written and © 1989-92 by Jon Wind, All rights reserved. It is not shareware; it¹s free.

COMPUSERVE: 70167,3444

New in 1.0.2

1. Added code to ShutDown if a forced quit is attempted under System 7
2. Added logging of ShutDown button if logging to disk is selected
3. Replaced ³Play sounds² option with ³Mask passwords² option
4. Adjusted some balloon help messages

New in 1.0.1

1. Fixed problem with Zorba¹s screen saver that could cause frequent hard disk accessing
2. Fixed a bug that could cause problems on Macs without color quickdraw
3. Tweaked a few other routines to reduce Zorba¹s size
4. Added code to check for virus infection of Zorba
5. Adjusted some balloon help messages
6. Added pictures to the help file