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The default scripting language of all Macs. Create scripts for the Finder or for AppleScript-enabled applications. You can download the AppleScript Finder Guide (pdf file), Scripting Additions (pdf file), AppleScript Language Guide (pdf file). There is the, a great place for any AppleScript enthusiast to be. Also check out the monthly AppleScript Foundry at MacOS Journal (an online magazine that actually provides helpful articles).
AppleScript: Danny Goodman's AppleScript Guide
This quick reference is an Apple Guide that provides on-screen access to Appendix A of Danny Goodman's AppleScript Handbook. Read me file.
Danny Goodman's AppleScript Guide (77 KB)
AppleScript: Script-A-File
Script-A-File is a utility program that puts the power of AppleScript to work for you without you having to write a word of AppleScript. Script-A-File creates ≥droplet≤ applications that modify Finder-level characteristics of whatever files and/or folders you drop onto them. Read me file.
Script a File (429 KB)
A scripting language with a Unix-based background. Perl 5.6 will be bundled with MacOSX, but for those who do not intend to upgrade immediately to MacOSX, you can learn Perl with this. Brevity, great for those who likes short codes. For 68k Macs, go to this page to download the relevant package. Go to the homepage for more information, and latest release. The book MacPerl: Power and Ease is available for browsing here.
MacPerl 5.2r4 for PPC (12 MB)
MacsBug is Apple's assembly-level 680x0 and PowerPC debugger for Mac OS. It can be used to debug code running in most execution environments, from applications to drivers, and everything in between. It's often used as a bug-reporting tool by many 3rd-party developers, as well as Mac OS system software developers. This is the latest version and works on all Macs released until summer 2000 (including Cube). The reference and debugging guide is here (pdf, 1.4 MB). Homepage. You can quickly learn how to make use of this tool here.
MacsBug 6.6.3 (499 KB)
This is a programming software for BASIC (Metal BASIC). It should be very familiar to those who know BASIC. Although MacToolBox support is minimal at the moment, programs made in Metal can be compiled into standalone applications. There is now support for Quicktime, and compiled applications are getting smaller and faster. There is also a growing group of Metal programmers who are ever so willing to help out new Metal users (use the Forum in the homepage if you encounter any problems). Homepage.
Metal 1.6.1 Turbo (2.2 MB)
Programmers Archive
A very useful site with both Mac and non Mac - specific programming tutorials. The languages covered include AppleScript, C, C++, CGI, HTML, Java, Javascript, Pascal and Perl. There are also lots of downloadable HTML or PDF packages. And all for free!
Programmers Archive
A scripting language that is elegant, and easy to understand. It is growing at a fast pace, and should be a good choice for anyone wanting to learn programming. To learn more about Python, check out the homepage. To check the documentation available, have a look at this page. Finally you can find a good tutorial on this site which also has the whole tutorial as a download (very convenient).
Python (9 MB bin file or 12 MB binhex file)
Squeak is an open, highly-portable Smalltalk-80 implementation whose virtual machine is written entirely in Smalltalk, making it easy to debug, analyze, and change. To achieve practical performance, a translator produces an equivalent C program whose performance is comparable to commercial Smalltalks. Homepage. You can read through a quite complete tutorial on Squeak here. The ease in defining a class or writing new methods is exhibited in this easy to follow tutorial. However the Morphic Graphic System is a new and easier way to write your applications (easy as HyperCard). There is a tutorial on this here. Download page is here. There are also MiniSqueaks that are suitable for PDAs.
Squeak 2.8 (7.8 MB)
Think Pascal
This is a free IDE (integrated development environment) that uses the Pascal programming language. There are a few patches to download too (to ensure compatibility with newer OSes.
Please go to the homepage for more information (look out for Transkel 2.6 (290 KB) - a application framework; SAT 2.4 (660 KB); update to 2.6 (250 KB) - sprite animation toolkit; and also read Ingerman's guide to using this software). Download also the updated interface files (520 KB), and a patch for using this software with MacOS 8.5 (10 KB)
This is a good software with an intuitive editor (one of the best that i have come acrossed). It compiles only in 68k code, and you cannot use this to make commercial software. If you want to learn Pascal, you won't go wrong with this. Go to Pascal Central for more information.
Think Pascal 4.5 (1.1 MB)
Visaj Personal Edition
Visaj is a Java development tool which allows graphical development of the structure and interface of an application. When the graphical representation is complete, the developer can generate Java code. Not only does Visaj generate pure Java code, it is also written in Java. Both the generated code and Visaj itself are portable across all platforms which support Java 1.1 and above. Read me file (PPC, at least MRJ 2.1.2). Screenshot of class editor. Homepage. Visaj Personal Edition is a, fully functional, version of Visaj that allows you to generate code only for a restricted number of components (up to 50). In addition it is only for personal use or for evaluation purposes, and any generated code must not be used for commercial purposes.
Note: there is no compiler in this software but a free java compiler is available from Apple. Download the MRJ SDK (software development kit, 8.8 MB), not just the MRJ (java engine only). Inside the SDK, you will find a compiler (java-c), and also JBindery to make double clickable application for MacOS computers.
Visaj Personal Edition 2.4.4 (12 MB)

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